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May 27, 2010

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It’s pretty depressing when there’s so many of them flying off to UK in these few days while I’m stuck in BolehLand, preparing for my ICSA exams 😦 Thinking of the cooling weather there~ The completely different environment~ AHHH! It’ll be so much fun there. I.Cant.Wait!

I have seriously lost the mood to study. AHHHH! 3 more days to go! Having my CFM on Tuesday, CG on Wednesday and CA on Thursday.. and I’ll be off on Friday! Woohoo~!


Goodbye, my baby dotter May 18, 2010

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On my 19th birthday, I got the best birthday present ever! I named them Beebee (the brown one) and BooBoo (the black one).

I always think BeeBee is veryyyy pretty. And I still do think so. This is the prettiest pic of her which I never, ever gets bored staring at.

She stays still when I caress her. And she even sleeps on my palm sometimes. When I feed her on my palm, she eats on the spot instead of hiding all the food in her mouth. Her cuteness is indescribable! Especially her black beady eyes.

But after 2 years plus, she seems to have gotten older. She used to be FAT. My grandma even calls her “fei poh”. But slowly, she lost weight. She doesn’t eat much. And when she does, she eats really slow. I have to peel the sunflower seeds and break them into small pieces for her. Her movements also became slower, got less active.

On 16th May 2010, 11pm, BooBoo came out from the coconut but there seems to be no movement from BeeBee. So I took out her fave coconut and saw her sleeping inside, motionless. Her body has hardened a little. The last time I checked on her was at 6pm and she was still walking around that time.

Dear Beebee, you’ll always be loved and missed by mommy. May you rest in peace. Below is one of her last photos taken.

Hello Kitty, Love! May 16, 2010

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I created a new email to correspond with formal stuffs. Was chatting with Madu and he said something like “Get hellokitty!” I was confused. Anw, went to google it and I found… sanriotown!

So I now have a hellokitty email! Haha. But of course, I’m not gonna use this for future job application XD Anw, sanriotown it’s really nice! They have blog, games and a forum for hellokitty lovers XD

May 10, 2010

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Tried the gold nail polish from The Face Shop and I loveeee the colour! Was experimenting with it so I took out the Mini French black from Etude House too.. The nail polish wasn’t nice. It forms clump ):

Anw, here’s something different I tried. Usually I just stick nail art (: Don’t ask me what’s it though. I just drew some random lines. Lols.

Rewarding Myself May 9, 2010

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Went out to catch Iron Man 2 with kpy today and I got myself something.. as a reward for not spending at all for a reeeeeallllllly long time!

Maybelline’s Gel Liner! Wootz~! I wanted to try something new since my In2It liquid eyeliner’s almost finished. I do really like IN2It eyeliner but I am curious what gel liner would be like. Anw, I got this from Sasa for RM39.90.. and I REGRET it! Seriously! Went over to Watson after that and it’s RM32.80 there! !$@&!#@ I shall NEVER buy stuff from Sasa again! ROARRR.

There’s a brush inside too. But the bottle’s really tiny. I guess you can judge it from the pic XD Have not opened it yet though. But I guess it should be ok.

I have no intention of getting nail polish at first. Blame it on kpy for luring me into The Face Shop. It’s mad cheap can! RM2.95 per bottle (: And I guess it’s time I get some different colours since I have like 4 different shades of pink nail polish XD


I got this later on so I’ll just “tumpang” this post ‘cos I’m lazy to start a brand new post on this. I got them from Nose and I super love them! Ahohoho~

Chick Cake Pops May 2, 2010

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I finally tried my hands on making some Cake Pops (: It was fun to make but very time consuming, especially when it’s done all by myself. Alone.

Instructions can be found here. It’s pretty hard to find some of the ingredients in BolehLand and it can get pretty pricey too ): I baked a butter cake myself instead of getting cake mix.

Anw, I got Betty Crockers Vanilla frosting from Jusco (RM8.80 for 16oz), White Chocolate Carats (RM13.60 for 1kg) and AmeriColor Candy Oil Colour from City Bakers, and Wilton’s Sparkle Gel from Wisma ICCA. That’s about the stuff I used, if I’m not mistaken. Oh! And those candy chips! I’m not sure what they’re called. But I used heart-shaped chips for the beaks and star -haped chips for their feet.

Cake Pops

Flower ChickI made the flower for my cuppies and have some spares (: It’s made of Choc too. I just add some colouring to it and with the help of a candy melting bottle.

Cherry ChickMy mom suggested I put a cherry on its head! Haha. She said it looks BALD!

Baby Chick“Chick’s supposed to have HAIR sticking on its head!” so my mom complains.

Angel ChickStar star star~ I thought of making something like a headband.. or well, maybe halo XD

Love ChickLast minute inspiration when I thought of Madu and remembered I have love-shaped chips.

Yellow Chick

Of course, they can’t be compared to bakerella’s but I’m still happy for what I’ve made! ^.^ Some doesn’t look really smooth ‘cos of the choc texture. When it starts to cool down, the choc forms clump. But think of it this way, chicks aren’t smooth and round to begin with! XD