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Rewarding Myself May 9, 2010

Posted by blackpumpkin in Beauty, Shoes, Shopping.

Went out to catch Iron Man 2 with kpy today and I got myself something.. as a reward for not spending at all for a reeeeeallllllly long time!

Maybelline’s Gel Liner! Wootz~! I wanted to try something new since my In2It liquid eyeliner’s almost finished. I do really like IN2It eyeliner but I am curious what gel liner would be like. Anw, I got this from Sasa for RM39.90.. and I REGRET it! Seriously! Went over to Watson after that and it’s RM32.80 there! !$@&!#@ I shall NEVER buy stuff from Sasa again! ROARRR.

There’s a brush inside too. But the bottle’s really tiny. I guess you can judge it from the pic XD Have not opened it yet though. But I guess it should be ok.

I have no intention of getting nail polish at first. Blame it on kpy for luring me into The Face Shop. It’s mad cheap can! RM2.95 per bottle (: And I guess it’s time I get some different colours since I have like 4 different shades of pink nail polish XD


I got this later on so I’ll just “tumpang” this post ‘cos I’m lazy to start a brand new post on this. I got them from Nose and I super love them! Ahohoho~



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