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Updates from Liverpool! June 11, 2010

Posted by blackpumpkin in LJMU, UK.

So I’ve been in Liverpool for about a week already. Doing great so far. I sleep at 10pm, wake up at 6am XD and runs off to online (which’d be about 1pm in BolehLand). Anw, the line’s only fast in the morning. And usually I’ll have tutorials and lectures which would take up the day. Reach home about 5pm plus, starts cooking for dinner and stuff.. by the time everything’s done, it’s time to sleep. And the sky is always very misleading. The sun seems to rise only around 8pm -.- Since most of the time it’s cloudy during the daytime. And the sun sets at 9.30pm or 10pm. Well, the problem is, we won’t know how late it is until we look at the time XD

This is for the sake of uploading some pics for posts which I should’ve done earlier. It’s the nicest meal in the plane for me. Haha. BolehLand to Dubai meals sucks. They keep feeding us with croissants and bread. But Dubai to Manchester meals are very nice. We had like 4 meals in the plane from BolehLand to Manchester.

Below are some pics of my room. We have 6 individual rooms in a unit, en-suite bathroom and a communal kitchen. Mine’s the one right opposite the kitchen, and the first room when I enter my unit. So naisss. I don’t have to walk far. Haha. But the bad news is, my unit’s on the highest floor -.- I have to climb 3 or 4 flights of stairs.. I forgot XD

We have a tv hidden in the corner. Haha and they have funny ads XD Which I doubt BolehLand will allow.

I must must must post this! My food shelf! But of course, I’m gonna restock more. But.. but.. I miss Milo. I should’ve brought it over. I found one tiny can here and it’s super expensive!! It’s hard to find chocolate drink too. I only found Cadbury’s Chocolate drink.. but it’s not as nice as Milo ):

This is very random. My friend’s sandwich which she bought in Tesco Express for £2. You need to get one to eat while watching World Cup. Lols. Cos it starts singing “Ole Ole Ole Ole~” when you open the box XD

I got a jacket potato for lunch yesterday from street stalls. So nais can! I’m gonna go bake my own jacket potatoes. Haha. But I gobbled it and forgot to take pic cos I was toooo hungry. XD Oh. And on my first day, I’ve already run to Primark for shopping. Haha. But haven’t got much. There’s still one floor which I’ve not looked at. Going there again later today. I GOT A 11-12 YRS OLD DRESS! XD

More updates later. Get updated with my superlambanana obsession! XD Lols.

Signing-off 9.30am.



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