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Aunty talk June 17, 2010

Posted by blackpumpkin in Food, UK.

Huathuathuat~ Finally walked to Chinatown yesterday. It’s sooooo dead in the daytime -.- Restaurants all closed. Wth. But I’m there for CHEAP EGGS! XD I bought 30 eggs for £1.99 there. Tesco Superstore’s selling 15 eggs for £1.45! T.T The stupid china lady in that shop (Chung Wah Supermarket) has horrible service though. Freaking rude. I really felt like slapping her. And she’s not even the OWNER of the shop!

Entrance to Chinatown. It feels so much like home there. I can’t find dumpling though T.T I wanna eat zongzi! *sniffs* And there’s Bin Bin mi guo! Huhu 29p for one, I repeat, ONE packet of Maggi Mee (Not 1 packet with 5 mee inside, but only ONE mee) And there’s guilingao! Frozen mantao! Gila mahal mantao.. almost £2 for 6 mantaos -.- But there’s lotsa local food there. Like knorr seasoning etc

I love aunty shopping! Haha I survey the prices of items from Tesco Metro, Tesco Express, Tesco Superstore, Iceland and 99p shop. Now I have my shopping routine fixed.

Ice-cream from Iceland – £1 for 1 litre! And damn naisss!
Chicken sausage from Tesco Superstore – £1 for 10 sausages
Chicken ham from Iceland – £1 for 20pcs
Tesco value white bread – 47p
Eggs from Chinatown – £1.99 for 30 eggs
Tesco Superstore chocolate chip cookies – 49p – Very naiss aso! Can fight with Famous Amos XD
Tesco Superstore rice – 73p for 1kg – I keep buying rice.. and carried them back home which is super far -.-
Tesco Express Pepsi – 95p for 2 litres!
Ketchup from 99p
Danish cookies & Marshmallow from 99p
Frozen food from Iceland and Tesco Metro~ I keep grabbing those priced at £1.. now my freezer’s super full!

I usually wake up in the morning and prepare breakfast as well as lunch box for Eve and I since we’re the only ones staying together. Below is one of my breakfast meals.. very westernised. Haha. But it’s simple and fast! XD

So far, I’ve not cooked dinner yet. Cos I have two pro chef cooking for me XD There’s 7 of us sharing but all are from different blocks. My unit has became our gathering point XD

Erm.. this isn’t mine. I don’t eat capsicums. Huhu and I have mountain-high rice. So I better not freak you guys out.

Anw, I’m having today and tmr off cos exam’s on Monday!! But it doesn’t feel like I’m having exams. Lol. It’s time to try the cappuccino I bought on the first day I arrived!! I still remember it’s £1.50 from Iceland. I just opened it though..

Oooh! Oooh! Chocolate topping! So naisss! Hahaha. Not sure of the taste though XD Will try it tonight.



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