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Cheshire Oaks June 17, 2010

Posted by blackpumpkin in UK.

We took our first bus ride last Saturday to..

We pronounce it as Che-shy-ere.. But the locals read it as Chesher. It’s a designer shopping village! The whole area is surrounded by shops! Pweety~ pweety stuffs~ Lols.

Took First bus from Victoria St at 9am plus. We weren’t really sure where the bus stops but we do know which is the bus. So when we saw pink & white bus, we just followed it.. and ended up in the right bus stop! XD

PURPLE SEATS! NAISSS! And the bus is pink on the outside! Huhu. The bus is incomparable to Metro buses in BolehLand -.- Plus, the lady bus driver is very friendly too. Another thing which can’t be compared to Metro buses -.-

I didn’t get anything ): Except chocs. Huhu. Kinda like this knitted top in Sara Norman (which is pink and white) but I’m not sure if I will wear it when I’m back in BolehLand. It’s £10.50 after discount. I think it’s worth it. Anw, I’ve decided! If it’s still in store in August, I’m getting it. Lols. My friend bought a pair of Nike for only £12! Unfortunately though.. those I like costs £30 and above. Haha. Again, hopefully there’s something to my liking in August ‘cos the shopkeeper said there’ll be new shoes all year round.

Chocs I bought that day~

The fairy’s so cute right?! I dunno how to eat it now. Should I bite off her head first? Or legs? XD Cadbury’s choc is super cheap too! My parents bought 140g for RM10+ (not those locally made ones) and this one only costs £3 for 400g!! Cheap cheap cheap! XD

Will be back there in August for the REAL shopping XD Planning to go Blackpool next Saturday so I guess I’ll be updating again real soon (:



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