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June 18, 2010

Posted by blackpumpkin in LJMU, UK.

I can KILL with my candy stick! FOR REAL! I accidentally poke my lips with it.. It’s freaking PAINFUL okays! T.T Got this from the Maritime Museum for 35p.. I like the banana flavour better. Huhu.

This is the Nescafe cappuccino. Not bad. Haha. It’s really frothy on top when I add water (:

This is like super super nice! Especially the cornflakes coated with choc! Haha. My friend treated me this. I’m so gonna go grab them! Buy 6 (in a packet) free 6 more! And if you’re wondering why my yogurt looks frozen, well, I like my yogurt to be frozen. I’ll break it with the spoon and it’ll be like ice kacang! XD

Since it’s exam season, I’m pretty lazy to cook proper food. So it’s microwaving time! I keep grabbing frozen food which costs £1 or less. But because it’s exam season, which means I’ll be a good girl and sit at home, I KEEP EATING NONSTOP! I think I had 4 meals yesterday if I’m not mistaken T.T I’ll seriously gain weight in no time if this goes on.

Plus, I’m a potato freak. Potatoes are cheap. Cheese and bread is cheap. So, you get it.. it’s all the fattening stuffs which I’m eating!

I was having my lunch happily until Louis called me suddenly, saying that we’re chosen for the WoW programme and there’s a workshop.. like at that time? I totally freaked out. Gone in total disarray. I was really really hoping to be chosen for this programme and I thought I wasn’t. And I was so afraid that I’d not be allowed to join it if I missed today’s workshop. Managed to contact PY and she told me to go there IMMEDIATELY. There’s still 40 minutes left before the workshop ends!

So I dumped my remaining cottage pie into the fridge, changed, grabbed my backpack and RAN TO GDC ASAP! I repeat, RAN! Was sweating like hell when I reached GDC, seriously, adrenaline rush! Lols. Usually it takes ’bout 10 minutes for me to walk there but I reached there in 5 minutes. Phew~

Lucky though, there’s another group next Friday. So I’m joining the next group for today’s missed lessons! Teeheehee~ ^.^ Btw, WoW is a programme which sort of guides us on our career. To help us discover what we want ourselves, some sort of motivation thingy.. and also to furnish us with the requirements in which potential employers may look for.



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