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Blackpool! June 27, 2010

Posted by blackpumpkin in LJMU, UK.

It’s a veryyyyy nice place! Took the 6.10am National Express Coach from Liverpool.. It was crazy! We left Atlantic Point at 5.30am! Lols. But the sky’s so bright, it made us feel that it’s around 9am already XD

So for those who has never been to Blackpool, I’ll giva y’all a brief idea (it’s brief otherwise I can spend few days writing ’bout it, if I’ve visited all the places). Our itinerary was to visit the North Pier, Central Pier and South Pier. Oh, the Armed Forces’ Parade too! Coincidentally, it’s the National Arm Forces’ week! But if you do have time to spare, the Blackpool Tower is a must visit place! You need to spend about a day in the tower to make sure you utilise your admission ticket.. and we definitely don’t have the time to spare there ):

Anw, I think I did have fun in Blackpool. There’s lotsa candy.. candy.. and candy. Lols. Blackpool’s famous for their rock candy. So you can find lotsa candy shops around. Fudge shops too! I forgot the location of the shop with really nice fudge.. but the candy shop I’d recommend is the one near South Pier which sells souvenirs too. Chopped rock candies are priced at £1.50 per bottle.. but the first shop I visited was selling them at £2! I wonder if it’s because she knows we’re tourists. That’s the only one selling it so expensive. Cane rock candies are cheaper. The smallest cane is usually sold at 6 sticks for £1 but we found one at 7 sticks for £1. Teehee.

There’re other candies like sandwich marshmallows, piggy marshmallows, willie and tittie candies, which I find them rather disturbing XD

Another thing about Blackpool is that you find really a lot of fish n’ chips shops there! It’s like, 2 shops of it together or one on each end. We lost count of the fish n’ chips shops we saw. But we asked around and the locals recommended Harry Ramsdens’ which I’ve tried it the time I went to Cheshire Oaks XD So for something different, I tried Pablo’s fish n’ chips. It’s quite a big portion. £4.99 for it plus a regular drink. 20p extra for mayo. Huhu.

Blackpool has lotsa amusement centres (like Capcom in BolehLand).. and gambling machines. Lols. We spent lotsa time on these machines. There’s this senior citizen who keeps winning coins! So out of kiasu-ness, we played too. Invested really a lot on it.. only to get back 6 coins in return ): But it’s only 2p coins. Teehee. And I didn’t play much, I don’t gamble after all. Only spent 2p on it. My friend kept changing coins out of frustration XD

There’s a long stretch of beach in Blackpool. It starts even before the North Pier, and beyong the South Pier. But I think the busiest spot would be around the Central Pier. That Eiffel Tower lookalike is the Blackpool Tower. We saw it in the museum that it was originally called the Eiffel Tower, Blackpool cos the structure is the same as Paris’ Eiffel Tower, but it’s only half the height of Eiffel Tower. After it was built, it’s known as the Blackpool Tower.

Here’s the pics of the parade. It was really fun cos we were actually parading with them! They started somewhere near BHs and we went to join the fun. Following them all the way til they reach the square XD

So one day’s definitely not enough in Blackpool. Maybe 2 days one night would be nice. The night view will be superb! Too bad we’re too tired to stay there ’til night.

Wait. I just missed out something very important.. There’s lotsa horse carriages there! It’d cost £20 for 5 person to ride. And there’s one very outstanding carriage which looks like the princess carriage! It’s very hard to find it though ):



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