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Hole in my pocket July 26, 2010

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I am officially broke. And there’s another problem which worries me.. Can I stuff all my things into my luggage bag without having it overweighted? T.T Here’s what I’ve gotten so far. Not a lot, really. I mean compared to those who shops like crazy.

Only £5 from Vogue! And it’s super kawaii! I like puffy puffy clothes ^.^ Plus, I’m really afraid of cold weather so I’m sure I’ll wear it (:

Also £5 from Vogue (: I have a sudden liking towards lace tops ^.^ And no, I’m not gonna wear this alone. It’s gonna be a two-piece top XD

Got this to be worn with the top above. It’s only £1 from Primark! Huhu.

2 for £5 from Vogue!! Really a bargain! Huhu. I’ve been looking for tees actually. Dunno what happened to my clothes but I seem to be running out of clothes to wear XD

This.. is the most expensive dress I’ve bought here. £11 from Primark (Atmosphere). But I think it’s worth it. I mean, even when I buy dresses in Bolehland, it’s plus minus RM55. Huhu. *self comfort to avoid feeling guilty to my purse*

From Primark too (: But it’s only £2.. so I think it’s worth it. Huhu.

I LOVE POLKA DOTS! AND I LOVE THE BOW AT THE BACK!! It was reduced from £5 to £2! ^.^ And I got another white spaghetti strap top to be worn inside.. the spaghetti strap top is only £1! Huhu.

This is prolly my latest favourite. My first ever (perhaps last ever) top from Jane Norman (: 70% discount can!! It’s only £9.50 when I got it! Huhu I can wear it to work or wear it out for fun. There were other clothes I like in Jane Norman.. which I’m sure my mom will love them too! But.. New Arrival leh.. -.-” costs £28.. which I think is too expensive T.T



Brouhaha Festival 2010! July 24, 2010

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Brouhaha! Brouhaha!

It sounded funny when I first heard it. Like some sort of laugh! It’s actually a group of arts performer coming together and the event lasted for 10 days in Liverpool. I missed most of it.. except on 22nd July where they have different performers scattered all around Liverpool One (clown act, contemporary dance etc) and the closing ceremony on 24th July in Princes Park..

And that’s exactly what I’m gonna update! The parade was scheduled to start at 12pm from Mulberry St, parading along Princes Rd (which is a longgg stretch of road) to Princes Park. Was running late and thought I’d missed it for sure! BUT.. they were running late too! Lols. The parade started around 12.20pm (:

It sorta reminds me of Citrawarna in Bolehland XD But this event is grander.. and definitely more interesting than Citrawarna! Lols. I’ll just let the pics do the talking.

We were dancing along to the beat and the Bahamas team distributed their flags (which of course, we took it!) Then one of the paraders gave us a masquerade mask (that explains where my mask came from XD) Btw, I think it’s ostrich feather! Haha. Dyed ostrich feather (:

In Princes Park itself, the event’s gonna be all day until 7pm.. Can’t afford to spend the whole day there though. COS I’M HAVING EXAMS ON MONDAYYYY! ARGHHH~! DAI DAI DAI! Anw, there were stages set up (lots of them), souvenir stalls, food booths.. It’s pretty much like a carnival! And I got freebies! Haha. I love freebies! XD They have free notepad, sticky notes, rabbit candy (the one from china), Bin Bin rice crackers, rock candy, HARIBO jelly candy, bookmarks, pens, pedometer, cup holder, cups.. Just lots of freebies! XD

That’s bout it cos we have to hurry room and continue our revision. The parade took about 2 hours btw. Haha told ya it’s a LONG stretch of road XD

Happy Birthday to Myself! July 19, 2010

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It was a MEMORABLE birthday. My first, and prolly worst birthday. Lols. (My best birthday was last year when I was really surprised ’til I ended up in tears XD) While I was in Edinburgh on Saturday, my tooth chipped as I was eating breakfast (it was only toast bread!). But I can’t possibly look for a dentist in Edinburgh so I waited til Monday, which was my birthday -.-”

Anw, I did some research on dental fees in Liverpool and it was MAD EXPENSIVE! (“Dental charges in the UK is the most expensive in the world” quoted from Madu, in which he found out from google XD) Consultation is required first and the fees may be super expensive. Plus, tooth filling alone is also VERY expensive, what’s more root canal! There were two dentists listed in the student handbook and I went to look for it during my 3 hours break.

Went to Dr Patel but no one opened the door when I pressed the doorbell. So I checked out the other dentist. Unfortunately, or fortunately, Dr Mercier was away on vacation. But I found out consultation fees cost £85. A large tooth filling may cost £120 to £230. *mental calculation of multiplying all the figures with 5*.. hmm.. *faints* I’d rather shoot myself dead than to pay for those dental charges! The nurse recommended me to another dentist which is just down the street. I only remembered it was num 65, rodney street XD

This dental clinic has a few dentists and I need to make an appointment first. Lucky though, the dentist (Dr Gerrard) is available after my class. AND IT’S FREE CONSULTATION! Lols. It’s a July promotion XD Dental clinic’s completely different here. The waiting room’s nicely furnished (no fish tanks though XD) and there’s free juices to drink while waiting. The dentist will phone the reception when he’s ready, and the receptionist will call my name, pass me a card to bring up to my dentist.

I was really worried what it’d cost me since the receptionist kept saying, “It’s hard to estimate. You need to ask the dentist.” She won’t even tell me the HIGHEST possible cost! I think the dentist knows I’m a poor student. Teehee. It’ll cost £95 for filling and I told him I need something temporary.. he said I can opt for the temporary filling which only costs £35!

I dunno what got into my mind though.. I told him I wanted the permanent one. Then he gave me an injection and I need to wait for 5 minutes. And while waiting, my friend asked me why didn’t I get the temporary filling instead? *mental calculation* £60 saved. 60 x 5 = RM300 o.O OMG. I CAN GET A PROPER FILLING WITH RM100!

Went back in to tell the dentist I changed my mind. And he told me, “So you just got injected for no reason.” T.T Apparently, temporary filling does not require injection. The dentist was nice though. I didn’t get charged extra for the injection. Teehee.

**Note to self: No more candies atm!

I did get a celebration at 12am though. TWO BIRTHDAY CAKES!! Teehee. But I only made one wish T.T I love the strawberry cheesecake. ^.^ The strawberry’s frozen! Teehee. Will upload the pics once I got them. And I managed to take some polaroid pics too! Lalalaaa~

Took them with polaroids taken in Edinburgh.. but just focus on the ones with cakes. Haha. And I got a SLB keychain from my friend! Teeheehee. ^.^

I was in EDINBURGH! July 18, 2010

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Another trip post to update.. EDINBURGH! I followed the 3 days 2 nights Edinburgh trip organised by student union and the Budget Backpackers Hostel was impressive (: Clean bathrooms, colourful walls and doors, kitchen provided, breakfast provided and helpful staffs at the reception! ^.^

If you’re a Harry Potter fan (I mean the books), you’ll LOVE this place! Apparently, JK Rowling started writing parts of her book and got her inspiration from Edinburgh. At some point, I felt like I’ve stepped into Diagon Alley! But of course, there’s no MAGICAL shops. They do have a witchery shop and a joke shop though (and they’re located on a winding street!).

To all the guides, I present to you… FLORAL CLOCK! Ahh~ 100 years of guiding.. brings back sweet secondary school memories (: Guides camp.. Bonfire night.. guides gathering.. Saturday night dance.. Thinking Day.. ^.^

I set out to hunt for this clock.. only to take picture of it, walk past it, and not knowing this was the floral clock I’ve been looking for! Lols. Ended up searching the entire park for it and asked lotsa people bout it. The reason this clock’s unique is because of the flowers.. AND IT ACTUALLY WORKS! Huhu. The cuckoo bird even pops out every 15 minutes (:

Tried some of the local food for dinner and it is delicious! Planned to dine at Greyfriar’s Bobby but the kitchen was closed that night due to some sort of live concert so we ended up at Crag & Tail (which was more expensive). Not complaining though. Friendly waitresses and yummy food!

Loveeeee this dessert (I love all desserts, actually XD). It’s called Cranachan. A local Scottish dessert made of cream, honey, oats, whisky, raspberry and raspberry sauce (:

It’s a MUST-TRY drink in Scotland, as Richard says. XD Got it from the hostel’s vending machine for only 50p. (: It actually tastes like carbonated rose syrup.. which is orange in colour. Kinda weird since the colour and taste don’t match XD

You can’t say you’ve been to Scotland without taking a pic with the locals in kilt or buying the kilt yourself! And I think he knows the reason why I’m taking pic with him XD

Spotted this while heading to the Scott Monument. Abso loveeeee! Would’ve bought it is the price’s not so mad expensive! T.T The cat’s eyes are really pretty. It’s like a stone with life.. hmm.. maybe it’s some sort of enchanted cat. Ahh~ This place is just so magical. Even the shoes look magical! Lols.

I went hiking (OMG! I’m definitely sick in the head! This is my 2nd time in UK!) to Arthur’s Seat on my last day. Just a brief intro of it.. Arthur’s Seat used to be a volcano. And by Arthur, it’s referring to King Arthur. I don’t remember the roman numerics in his name (if there’s any) but it’s that King Arthur with the mythical excalibur sword XD

Anw, we went there ourselves at 10am since Richard’s only departing at 11am. BUT.. we took the wrong route. We’re supposed to take the left route which is much easier. Ended up on the right route which is SUPER steep. 10 minutes of hike almost killed me! SERIOUSLY. I was panting like hell! Then my friend was like, “I wonder if Richard’s here yet. He told us to keep left twice.” And I stared at him dumbfoundedly, reminding him we’re on the RIGHT ROUTE. Then he thought about it a while.. AND WE WENT BACK TO OUR STARTING POINT TO TAKE THE LEFT ROUTE INSTEAD! ZOMG.

‘Zis is St Anthony’s Chapel (which is on the left route). The view at the top of Arthur’s Seat was breathtaking though! 360 degree view of Edinburgh! ^.^

Oh! And there’s one thing bout Edinburgh – don’t bother going out for night view. The lights were off at 12am (if I’m not mistaken). Lols. We went to Calton Hill at night thinking that we’ll get a NICE view.. BUT IT’S ALL DARK! Except for the spotlight shining upon the Athenian acropolis. Anyway, I was super disappointed. Plus, we need a DSLR to take nice pic of Edinburgh’s night view from the hill top. T.T

So that’s a VERY BRIEF summary of my Edinburgh trip XD Cos I still do have tonnes of pics.. but it’s best not to post them all or I’ll reach my photo space limit in wordpress VERY soon.

Beatles Day July 10, 2010

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10th July, The Beatles Day! It’s actually a charity event in which John Lennon’s sister was involved in. Beatles wig (the mop hair) and buttons were sold for a children cancer fund. Anw, there were events for the whole day in Liverpool! So in the morning, we went to Zeligs (which has really nice ambience!)

There’s this band playing The Beatles’ songs with ukulele.. They started at Zeligs but we bumped into them in Liverpool One some time later in the afternoon XD Since it’s Beatles Day, there’s NO WAY we can miss going to The Cavern’s Walk (Matthew St). We went in The Beatles shop, heard Beatles’ songs playing as we passed by shops and entered Cavern’s Pub and Cavern’s Club (in which Beatles’ songs are sung and played, of course) It was so NICEEE!

Our original plan at night was to hang around Albert’s Dock (night view of ECHO and the ferris wheel is superb!) but as I was reading the posters outside ECHO, the girl at the entrance asked if I wanted free tickets to watch The Beatles’ Concert! (not the real Beatles) So I went in.. and was guided to the VIP seat! WOOHOO~!

Got a great view of the performers. And it was so much funnn! I was dancing and singing along with my friends. Recorded lotsa videos but I don’t think I’ll be uploading them here (it’ll take ages!) Here’s a pic to compensate instead XD

So if you don’t have the money to travel, just stay in Liverpool cos there’s so many events all year round and joining those events alone are fun enough!

First hike in UK! July 4, 2010

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I’ve walked the “longest road in my life” ever since I came to Liverpool! Everyday’s about walking. Half an hour to uni.. half an hour back.. Extra time if I wanna shop for stuffs or if I wanna go to Avril Robarts. The greatest walk so far if my walk to Sefton park which took 6 hours of non-stop walk.. which is more than 5 miles. Lols. But you know what? That’s not enough. So I went to Lake District, and hiked 1 1/2 hours up hill.. and another hour downhill.

It was a long and tiring journey! I was half dead when I reached the waterfall. And then RW told us there’s a lake further on.. which takes about another 15 minutes hike. When I saw the lake at last, I was SUPER happy. I ACTUALLY SCREAMED! XD

One thing to becareful though.. COW DUNG. Lols. It’s EVERYWHERE! Goat’s dung too. But those aren’t so disgusting as it’s tiny and round.. like chocolate chips. Lols. Because there’s so many of it.. we went shit-observing. Like how healthy the cow is XD The path reminds me of NS though. Rocky path with lotsa cow dung. Lucky we don’t need to jog.

Here’s a souvenir. A fresh one (: I forgot to upload a pic but apparently, Grassmere’s traditional gingerbread is very popular. I tried one, and NO, I don’t like it. I don’t like ginger to begin with. But since I’m there, I must at least try it. And my friend got Ginger Chocolate which was even worst. Ginger lovers will love it though. There’s a really strong ginger taste. I was hoping to try gingerbread man.. but they dun make gingerbread mans ):

Next stop was Windermere. I didn’t take the cruise ride. It’s cheap actually. £6.20 after student discount for a 45 minute ride. I chose to explore the place myself instead. Hmm.. not much. Lotsa ice-cream stalls. I found this super cheap stall, the cheapest, actually. £1.50 plus a chocolate stick and we can pour the topping ourselves. Unlimited topping. Teehee. Others range from £1.70 – £2 and we cant pour the topping ourselves. Oh yea. And there’s lotsa SWANS! Ducks too.. but ducks do not interest me with the existence of swans (I went quacky in Sefton Park cos there weren’t any swans there!)

I’m glad I sold my Snowdonia tickets. I don’t wanna hike second round! Lols.

On a completely different topic, I couldn’t control my temptation and bought my first (ready made) dessert! (Ice-cream’s not counted XD)

Yum yum~ Bought it from Sayers and it’s called Cornflake Nest ^.^ But I’m sure mommy can make better ones. Huhu I’m gonna ask her to make it when I’m back home.

And my skin’s getting REALLLLYYYYY dry here due to the weather. Saw this promotion in TBS so I went to get myself the body butter. And there’s discount for foot deodoriser! Haha never tried it before but it’s on discount too. So? BELILAH! XD

I know it’s cheaper in Malaysia when they have 70% discount.. but I dunno when they’ll have it and I need it NOW. Anw, it’s £5 each and I get a small (really small) sample of Shea shower cream.