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First hike in UK! July 4, 2010

Posted by blackpumpkin in LJMU, Shopping, UK.

I’ve walked the “longest road in my life” ever since I came to Liverpool! Everyday’s about walking. Half an hour to uni.. half an hour back.. Extra time if I wanna shop for stuffs or if I wanna go to Avril Robarts. The greatest walk so far if my walk to Sefton park which took 6 hours of non-stop walk.. which is more than 5 miles. Lols. But you know what? That’s not enough. So I went to Lake District, and hiked 1 1/2 hours up hill.. and another hour downhill.

It was a long and tiring journey! I was half dead when I reached the waterfall. And then RW told us there’s a lake further on.. which takes about another 15 minutes hike. When I saw the lake at last, I was SUPER happy. I ACTUALLY SCREAMED! XD

One thing to becareful though.. COW DUNG. Lols. It’s EVERYWHERE! Goat’s dung too. But those aren’t so disgusting as it’s tiny and round.. like chocolate chips. Lols. Because there’s so many of it.. we went shit-observing. Like how healthy the cow is XD The path reminds me of NS though. Rocky path with lotsa cow dung. Lucky we don’t need to jog.

Here’s a souvenir. A fresh one (: I forgot to upload a pic but apparently, Grassmere’s traditional gingerbread is very popular. I tried one, and NO, I don’t like it. I don’t like ginger to begin with. But since I’m there, I must at least try it. And my friend got Ginger Chocolate which was even worst. Ginger lovers will love it though. There’s a really strong ginger taste. I was hoping to try gingerbread man.. but they dun make gingerbread mans ):

Next stop was Windermere. I didn’t take the cruise ride. It’s cheap actually. £6.20 after student discount for a 45 minute ride. I chose to explore the place myself instead. Hmm.. not much. Lotsa ice-cream stalls. I found this super cheap stall, the cheapest, actually. £1.50 plus a chocolate stick and we can pour the topping ourselves. Unlimited topping. Teehee. Others range from £1.70 – £2 and we cant pour the topping ourselves. Oh yea. And there’s lotsa SWANS! Ducks too.. but ducks do not interest me with the existence of swans (I went quacky in Sefton Park cos there weren’t any swans there!)

I’m glad I sold my Snowdonia tickets. I don’t wanna hike second round! Lols.

On a completely different topic, I couldn’t control my temptation and bought my first (ready made) dessert! (Ice-cream’s not counted XD)

Yum yum~ Bought it from Sayers and it’s called Cornflake Nest ^.^ But I’m sure mommy can make better ones. Huhu I’m gonna ask her to make it when I’m back home.

And my skin’s getting REALLLLYYYYY dry here due to the weather. Saw this promotion in TBS so I went to get myself the body butter. And there’s discount for foot deodoriser! Haha never tried it before but it’s on discount too. So? BELILAH! XD

I know it’s cheaper in Malaysia when they have 70% discount.. but I dunno when they’ll have it and I need it NOW. Anw, it’s £5 each and I get a small (really small) sample of Shea shower cream.



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