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Beatles Day July 10, 2010

Posted by blackpumpkin in UK.

10th July, The Beatles Day! It’s actually a charity event in which John Lennon’s sister was involved in. Beatles wig (the mop hair) and buttons were sold for a children cancer fund. Anw, there were events for the whole day in Liverpool! So in the morning, we went to Zeligs (which has really nice ambience!)

There’s this band playing The Beatles’ songs with ukulele.. They started at Zeligs but we bumped into them in Liverpool One some time later in the afternoon XD Since it’s Beatles Day, there’s NO WAY we can miss going to The Cavern’s Walk (Matthew St). We went in The Beatles shop, heard Beatles’ songs playing as we passed by shops and entered Cavern’s Pub and Cavern’s Club (in which Beatles’ songs are sung and played, of course) It was so NICEEE!

Our original plan at night was to hang around Albert’s Dock (night view of ECHO and the ferris wheel is superb!) but as I was reading the posters outside ECHO, the girl at the entrance asked if I wanted free tickets to watch The Beatles’ Concert! (not the real Beatles) So I went in.. and was guided to the VIP seat! WOOHOO~!

Got a great view of the performers. And it was so much funnn! I was dancing and singing along with my friends. Recorded lotsa videos but I don’t think I’ll be uploading them here (it’ll take ages!) Here’s a pic to compensate instead XD

So if you don’t have the money to travel, just stay in Liverpool cos there’s so many events all year round and joining those events alone are fun enough!



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