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Happy Birthday to Myself! July 19, 2010

Posted by blackpumpkin in UK.

It was a MEMORABLE birthday. My first, and prolly worst birthday. Lols. (My best birthday was last year when I was really surprised ’til I ended up in tears XD) While I was in Edinburgh on Saturday, my tooth chipped as I was eating breakfast (it was only toast bread!). But I can’t possibly look for a dentist in Edinburgh so I waited til Monday, which was my birthday -.-”

Anw, I did some research on dental fees in Liverpool and it was MAD EXPENSIVE! (“Dental charges in the UK is the most expensive in the world” quoted from Madu, in which he found out from google XD) Consultation is required first and the fees may be super expensive. Plus, tooth filling alone is also VERY expensive, what’s more root canal! There were two dentists listed in the student handbook and I went to look for it during my 3 hours break.

Went to Dr Patel but no one opened the door when I pressed the doorbell. So I checked out the other dentist. Unfortunately, or fortunately, Dr Mercier was away on vacation. But I found out consultation fees cost £85. A large tooth filling may cost £120 to £230. *mental calculation of multiplying all the figures with 5*.. hmm.. *faints* I’d rather shoot myself dead than to pay for those dental charges! The nurse recommended me to another dentist which is just down the street. I only remembered it was num 65, rodney street XD

This dental clinic has a few dentists and I need to make an appointment first. Lucky though, the dentist (Dr Gerrard) is available after my class. AND IT’S FREE CONSULTATION! Lols. It’s a July promotion XD Dental clinic’s completely different here. The waiting room’s nicely furnished (no fish tanks though XD) and there’s free juices to drink while waiting. The dentist will phone the reception when he’s ready, and the receptionist will call my name, pass me a card to bring up to my dentist.

I was really worried what it’d cost me since the receptionist kept saying, “It’s hard to estimate. You need to ask the dentist.” She won’t even tell me the HIGHEST possible cost! I think the dentist knows I’m a poor student. Teehee. It’ll cost £95 for filling and I told him I need something temporary.. he said I can opt for the temporary filling which only costs £35!

I dunno what got into my mind though.. I told him I wanted the permanent one. Then he gave me an injection and I need to wait for 5 minutes. And while waiting, my friend asked me why didn’t I get the temporary filling instead? *mental calculation* £60 saved. 60 x 5 = RM300 o.O OMG. I CAN GET A PROPER FILLING WITH RM100!

Went back in to tell the dentist I changed my mind. And he told me, “So you just got injected for no reason.” T.T Apparently, temporary filling does not require injection. The dentist was nice though. I didn’t get charged extra for the injection. Teehee.

**Note to self: No more candies atm!

I did get a celebration at 12am though. TWO BIRTHDAY CAKES!! Teehee. But I only made one wish T.T I love the strawberry cheesecake. ^.^ The strawberry’s frozen! Teehee. Will upload the pics once I got them. And I managed to take some polaroid pics too! Lalalaaa~

Took them with polaroids taken in Edinburgh.. but just focus on the ones with cakes. Haha. And I got a SLB keychain from my friend! Teeheehee. ^.^



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