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Brouhaha Festival 2010! July 24, 2010

Posted by blackpumpkin in UK.

Brouhaha! Brouhaha!

It sounded funny when I first heard it. Like some sort of laugh! It’s actually a group of arts performer coming together and the event lasted for 10 days in Liverpool. I missed most of it.. except on 22nd July where they have different performers scattered all around Liverpool One (clown act, contemporary dance etc) and the closing ceremony on 24th July in Princes Park..

And that’s exactly what I’m gonna update! The parade was scheduled to start at 12pm from Mulberry St, parading along Princes Rd (which is a longgg stretch of road) to Princes Park. Was running late and thought I’d missed it for sure! BUT.. they were running late too! Lols. The parade started around 12.20pm (:

It sorta reminds me of Citrawarna in Bolehland XD But this event is grander.. and definitely more interesting than Citrawarna! Lols. I’ll just let the pics do the talking.

We were dancing along to the beat and the Bahamas team distributed their flags (which of course, we took it!) Then one of the paraders gave us a masquerade mask (that explains where my mask came from XD) Btw, I think it’s ostrich feather! Haha. Dyed ostrich feather (:

In Princes Park itself, the event’s gonna be all day until 7pm.. Can’t afford to spend the whole day there though. COS I’M HAVING EXAMS ON MONDAYYYY! ARGHHH~! DAI DAI DAI! Anw, there were stages set up (lots of them), souvenir stalls, food booths.. It’s pretty much like a carnival! And I got freebies! Haha. I love freebies! XD They have free notepad, sticky notes, rabbit candy (the one from china), Bin Bin rice crackers, rock candy, HARIBO jelly candy, bookmarks, pens, pedometer, cup holder, cups.. Just lots of freebies! XD

That’s bout it cos we have to hurry room and continue our revision. The parade took about 2 hours btw. Haha told ya it’s a LONG stretch of road XD



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