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Hole in my pocket July 26, 2010

Posted by blackpumpkin in Shopping, UK.

I am officially broke. And there’s another problem which worries me.. Can I stuff all my things into my luggage bag without having it overweighted? T.T Here’s what I’ve gotten so far. Not a lot, really. I mean compared to those who shops like crazy.

Only £5 from Vogue! And it’s super kawaii! I like puffy puffy clothes ^.^ Plus, I’m really afraid of cold weather so I’m sure I’ll wear it (:

Also £5 from Vogue (: I have a sudden liking towards lace tops ^.^ And no, I’m not gonna wear this alone. It’s gonna be a two-piece top XD

Got this to be worn with the top above. It’s only £1 from Primark! Huhu.

2 for £5 from Vogue!! Really a bargain! Huhu. I’ve been looking for tees actually. Dunno what happened to my clothes but I seem to be running out of clothes to wear XD

This.. is the most expensive dress I’ve bought here. £11 from Primark (Atmosphere). But I think it’s worth it. I mean, even when I buy dresses in Bolehland, it’s plus minus RM55. Huhu. *self comfort to avoid feeling guilty to my purse*

From Primark too (: But it’s only £2.. so I think it’s worth it. Huhu.

I LOVE POLKA DOTS! AND I LOVE THE BOW AT THE BACK!! It was reduced from £5 to £2! ^.^ And I got another white spaghetti strap top to be worn inside.. the spaghetti strap top is only £1! Huhu.

This is prolly my latest favourite. My first ever (perhaps last ever) top from Jane Norman (: 70% discount can!! It’s only £9.50 when I got it! Huhu I can wear it to work or wear it out for fun. There were other clothes I like in Jane Norman.. which I’m sure my mom will love them too! But.. New Arrival leh.. -.-” costs £28.. which I think is too expensive T.T




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