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UK’s Kay-elle August 4, 2010

Posted by blackpumpkin in UK.

Went to London for a 3 days 2 nights trip. Hmm.. I don’t really like that place. Only went there cos everyone’s like.. “You must go London if you’re in UK!” Anw, it’s just like KL. But they do have cleaner air. Tube’s dirty. Everywhere’s crowded with people. Drivers aren’t as nice as in Liverpool. They’re all in a hurry. Double deckers are scary as they still seem to be speeding when they turn the corner.

We did visit all the popular attractions. The free ones. Lols. Didn’t pay for those requiring admission fees (means no Madam Tussauds!) Huhu. The first day, we checked in around 3pm. So not much time left for the day. Went to Oxford Street and Chinatown. Hurried back to Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens at night with the aim to find the Peter Pan statue (there’s one in Sefton Park, Liverpool too). The park is HUGE I tell you! It seems to take forever to walk in the park. By the time we found the statue, it was all dark ): Might get Madu to bring me there again since I’m going to London for 2 days again after my backpacking trip.

Second day’s top agenda is BUCKINGHAM PALACE! People are crazy (which means we are too XD). Changing of guards begins at 11.30am.. there were lotsa people there at 10am! So what choice do we have but to join in the crowd and secure a nice place in front? You seriously can’t see anything from the back. Am happy that I manage to record videos and take pictures of the red guards ^.^

Can they really see? I’m reallyyyyyy curious! Huhu. Second day’s a BUSYYY day! After Buckingham Palace, we walked to Westminster Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, lunch, Parliament, Big Ben, London’s Eye, Tate Modern, dinner and lastly, the Tower Bridge! What amazes us is that.. when we looked at the map, we actually walked from one end of the map to the other end of the map!! Our hostel was in Bayswater which is at the opposite end of Tower Bridge -.-”

And we waited for the sky to be dark. By then.. we freaked out COS THERE’S NO BUSES BACK TO BAYSWATER! *&#$^(*#&$)# According to the map, it’ll take us more than 3 hours to walk back -.-” Lucky though, the tube closes at 12am. Ran to the station and paid £4 for the single journey. Should’ve gotten the day travel card T.T It’s only £5.60!

Anw, we self-comforted and said we wouldn’t have seen this if we left early. So the £4 is worth it XD

Tower Bridge closed for the ship to pass (: Day 3, we got the day travelcard! Lols. Went to the Natural History Museum, V&A Museum and Science Museum. Then dropped by Oxford St again for some of them to get some souvenirs. AND WE ALMOST MISSED OUR COACH BACK TO LIVERPOOL! Damn ganjeong can! I’m lazy to type the story here. But it’s a great experience! Lols.



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