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Makan makan time! August 6, 2010

Posted by blackpumpkin in Food, UK.

I’ve always loved buffet (I only have my eyes on the desserts actually XD). One thing bout UK is that you see lotsa buffet all over the place.. but it’s chinese buffet. And their chinese buffet is just like economy rice in Bolehland. It took me realllll long to find this..

WORLD BUFFET! It has Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Mexican, Indian and Italian food! With some very pretty desserts too ^.^ My friend went first and he told me the service is great! Friendly and efficient waiters and waitresses.

I THINK it’s mongolian something something mussel. Haha it’s nice.. and fresh! Go eat mussels kaokao and what you pay will definitely be worth it XD Anw, I took a little bit of everything to try its taste. There’s a variety of sauce there too.. the mango sauce is NAISS!

There’s still some food I didn’t manage to try. Like pizzas and pastas. But I’m contented. Bwahahhaha MY FAVOURITE FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD. Desserts!! Damn pretty can! ^.^

I was really bloated at the end of the 2-hours meal. Serious indigestion. Lols. And I managed to skip dinner that day XD



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