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An eventful day @ Liverpool! August 8, 2010

Posted by blackpumpkin in UK.

I’ve had the best day ever! Lols. Went out since the morn for Liverpool Pride. A lesbian, gay, bisexual & transgender festival (LGB&T). Started with a parade from St George’s Plateau to Dale St.

Definitely can’t find something like this in Bolehland. I’m not again LGB&T.. In fact, I do support them. I mean, some of them were just born that way. And it’s not like they’re hurting anyone by loving who they love. Though I know religions forbid it. But I shall not delve into that. Anw, it’s great to see how open they are and being accepted by others. Many shops did participate in this event too by having rainbow coloured items on display or rainbow coloured stickers on the glass window of their shops (rainbow’s the them for this event). Even my uni participated in it.

There were stage performances (3 stages) and lotsa food stalls in Dale St. The whole street was jam packed with people, drinking beer, chatting away, dancing and cheering to the performances.

Next stop at the Pier Head! It’s freaking COLDDDD! It’s always cold in Liverpool.. Though I’m here for summer, there’s only one week of REAL summer where the sun really burns the skin. Anw, the event here is called “Live at the Waterfront”. There were various performances such as Spanish, French, Italian, Turkish, Chinese, African etc dances.

These 2 cupids go around kissing people and chasing kids. Lols. One of them chased Eve for her brand new umbrella, and Eve ran away damn fast! XD I forgot what dance is it in the pic below. But everyone got WET watching it. Front row will definitely get wet cos they splashed water. Even the people at the back got wet cos towards the end of the show, they ran down with a water sprayer and make sure everyone’s WET.

This is probably the most AMAZING performance ever – Voala project! There’s a crane to carry all the performers up. You have to watch it yourself to know how amazing it was! The dancers were performing high up in the sky. I think it’ll be really fun if I can try it! But very dangerous too. Huhu.

And so, with this 2 events, I spent my whole Saturday outside. AHHHHHHHH! Now I have a lot of catch up to do with my Inuyasha XD I’ve just started watching it cos I’ve always been BUSY before this. XD



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