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Money fell from the sky! August 26, 2010

Posted by blackpumpkin in Shopping, UK.

Teehee~ I’ve been to Leo Casino twice now. And I won free moneyyyy! Teehee. Cos newcomers get free vouchers to play. It used to be blackjack (in which you’ll only get a ticket). But I went there late.. and I got vouchers for 3 rounds of roulette game! Cant use up all vouchers in a day though. So I’ll be visiting the casino three times. Huhu.

The first time, my friend played for me.. Won £8 so I gave him £1 tips. Lols. Yesterday, I won £8 again! ^.^ Happy~ But if you’re really really lucky, the max you can win (from the free chips) is £350!! AHHHHH~! But I’m not one who’s lucky with gambling. So I’m contented even with £8. Huhu.

Ohh! And if you go to the casino on Sunday night, there’s two session of free buffet at 12.30am or 1.30am.  It’s better to go at 1.30am cos no one will chase you off, which is what I did. The food’s nice! Never been to TSOS but I heard the casino’s buffet is betetr than TSOS. Might as well eat the nicer free buffet than to pay £6 plus for a not so nice one XD

I shall go hunt for a nice pair of sunglasses with the money. Huhu. I got a pair from fossil yesterday at £22 but everyone, and I mean EVERYONE (including my mom) said the glasses are too big for my face. Wawa. How I wish I have a chubby face now ): (Oh, not forgetting two comments which says I look like a lalat with it -.-“) Anw, I refunded it.. and the amount was credited back to my account immediately (paid with debit card)! Huhu so efficient!

I die die must post the pic of me wearing my ex-sunglasses! Haha. *fingers crossed* May I get a pair of suitable sunglasses later. My friend told me there’s this CK sunglasses.. discounted from £97 to £22! OMFGBBQSAUCE!

Gotta run now. Teehee. Activities for the day – Class. Complimentary buffet by module leader. Class. SHOPPING! XD



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