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My New ♥ August 29, 2010

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Remember my ex-sunglasses? Well, my friend told me there lotsa cheap ones in TK Maxx. Including calvin klein which was discounted from £100 plus to £15. So I checked out the shop and guess what? I SAW MIU MIU!!! OMG! And only for £39.99! It’s freaking cheappp! But the designs don’t suit me T.T It was too long. I did see one from Etienne Aigner.. Anw, I was afraid to buy wrongly again so I just snapped a pic of it.

Showed my friend’s the pic and they said that one’s not as big as the previous one! Woohoo~ So at night, I went to the shop again.. AND I COULDNT FIND IT!! T.T Btw, it’s only £11. ‘Cos there’s only one left when I checked it out in the day time.

Anw, feeling dejected, I went to the shop on the next day AGAIN.. but still couldn’t find that design I wanted and resorted to another Fossil sunglasses which was £10. Comments from friends? It’s too huge for me! *&@#%@#*#&

Went to the shop again a few days later and I saw lotsa Etienne Aigner pouch on the tray. OMG. NEW STOCK!! AND LOTSA ETIENNE AIGNER SUNGLASSES! Bwahahahha. Found the sunglasses I wanted.. but the price has been increased to £14.99. I think it’s still cheap. Teehee. And this is my new baby ^.^

Tadaaa~ Lovelovelovelovelove ^.^ Do check out TK Maxx if you’re in UK. There’s lotsa discounted branded stuffs there but you might have to dig them out. XD



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