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Hello Paris! September 10, 2010

Posted by blackpumpkin in Holiday.

After summer programme, I ran off to Paris and Spain with Madu for holiday! ^.^ Sounds romantic, no? XD

Look at the multi-colour mini eiffel keychain! ^.^ I was so tempted to buy them but I know I’ll find cheaper ones when I go elsewhere. Souvenirs near popular attractions are all overpriced! Anyway, I got one gold and silver keychain for €1 each! I thought that was a bargain! Until we reached Eiffel tower, there lots of such keyrings and you can get 6 for €1 if you bargain! *curse curse curse* I did feel better when I compared the quality though (the cheap ones and the ones I got). Mine was definitely of better quality (:

Madu and I climbed the ever famous notre dame cathedral for the sake of gargoyles. Youths (below 25) gets discount. All you gotta do is show them your passport or student card.

Man, the climb was exhausting! The stairs were winding and steep.. and you just keep climbing in circles which never seems to end. Plus, there’s people behind you and I get pressurised actually. Worried if I was blocking the people behind me for climbing the stairs too slowly.

I did get to see the gargoyles though! Was a bit disappointed that I couldn’t sound the bell. Huhu. This gargoyle is the freaky one. I can’t tell what’s it eating.

Next, we went for the cruise tour. It was HOT on top.. But you get a better view and maybe some cooling air occasionally. I think I’m not so into this especially when there’s sun.

We had our lunch in Jardin du Luxembourg. Bought some desserts to savour there ^.^ There’re some really nice parks in Paris to go.

Our plans at night was to see the EIFFEL TOWER! We waited..

And waited..

FOR THEM TO SWITCH ON THE BLINKING LIGHTS! ^.^ It’s only for 5 minutes every hour (: The next day we took the lift up eiffel tower. The view here is nicer than notre dame.

The buildings are so organised, no? (: And there’s youth price for this too! Huhu. I’ve had enough of stairs climbing after the notre dame so I opted for the lift. Huhu.

This is the sacre coeur. Nothing much inside also. Huhu I still think Liv metropolitan cathedral looks nicer.

And lastly, the pyramid near louvre museum! Was running short on time so we only took the pic of it outside. But if you go down, you can see the rainbow colours reflected on the floor by the glass aka prism.



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