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Desserts haven September 11, 2010

Posted by blackpumpkin in Food, Holiday.

My new FAVOURITE word on signboards in Paris – BOULANGER! PATTISERIE!

My FAVOURITE moment of the trip – DESSERTS!

That’s my sole purpose of going to Paris. I planned to stuff myself with desserts ’til I get bloated! ^.^ Anw, we got lost and couldn’t find Pierre Herme. That’s a really sad thing to begin my dessert hunting plan. Was looking forward to try its macarons since that’s what it’s famous for. So we proceeded on with our second dessert stop – Sadaharu Aoki! I ended up trying the macarons there. It’s so yummy! Tried some of its cakes too. It’s so pretty that you can’t resist it!

It was managed by a Japanese staff and she speaks little English.

The cakes are priced at €5.20 per slice.

Colourful macarons! Veryyyyyy naisss! We tried lemon, caramel, coffee, pistachio, blackcurrant.. erm.. I can’t remember the rest XD

Another place for desserts which you MUST go in Paris is Laduree! Also famous for macarons (:

Dining in is more expensive but the ambience there is great. They even have a bar with pink lights! FREAKING NICE I TELL YOU! ^.^ Anyway, I got some mini macarons (they have 2 sizes here) and a cake. They sell chocs too. AND THE QUEUE IS FREAKING LONGGG!

Cafe Angelina’s also a popular one. It’s famous for mont blanc and hot chocolate to be specific. So I decided to give it a try.. since I have never tried mont blanc anyway.

Mont blanc! Erm.. I don’t really like it.. it tastes like mooncake paste. And I don’t like mooncake. But lotsa ppl likes mooncake.. so I guess it’ll taste nice to them. Huhu.

Their hot chocolate.. one tiny jug like this is enough for two person. I shared with Madu and still couldn’t finish it. It’s too chocolatey. And I mean REALLY chocolatey. It’s like concentrated, melted chocolate. Not to my liking either.

The shop below is one I randomly bumped into on the way to Sacre Coeur. I tried their raspberry cookie and it was so damn nice! And so damn expensive T.T So I didn’t get any. I’ll tell you how it works here.. you buy a paper bag or fancy empty tins from them, then you fill it up with your own variety of cookies and they’ll weigh it. So the cookies are sold based on their weight and you have to buy the tins.. which is pretty expensive for me.

The tins are on top and the cookies are stacked down there. Huhu. So that’s about my dessert hunt. I mean, these are the popular ones I went to. But I still got random desserts whenever I passed by some shops.

Oh! And I wanted to try the Breton crepes in Beizh Cafe but guess what? IT WAS UNDER RENOVATION! *curse curse curse* Damn disappointed that time as I was really looking forward to it. And whoever goes to Paris must must try Berthillon sorbet. I forgot to take a pic of it. But it has this really smooth and soft texture. One word – YUMMY!



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