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Hello Madrid! September 12, 2010

Posted by blackpumpkin in Food, Holiday.

“Donde ai aseos?”

My favourite phrase in Spain which means ‘Where is the toilet?’ XD

I think Madrid is a beautiful place. I must especially praise their public transport – train. It was incredibly clean and new! Which is incomparable to Paris *pfft* And who says if you get cheap flight, it’ll cost you a lot to get to the city center? Huhu it’s only €2 to get to the city from the airport. I’d recommend Hostal Residencial Rober to stay. It’s a veryyy clean and nice place with friendly staffs.

When I first stepped out of the airport, I saw a fat lady statue. I think she somehow reminded me of an opera singer XD But after googling it, I found out that Fernando Botero is famous for making fat statues.. and I found 2 of them in Madrid!

Sexayyyyyyyy. Lols.

I was dragged to.. the plaza de toros to watch bullfight. All the while, I have no idea that bulls are killed in bullfighting until Madu told me. It was CRUEL! Poor poor toros. I noticed lotsa people only watched one round and they left the stadium. There’s a total of 6 rounds and 3 bull fighters.

This is the opening ceremony. All the members marched out to the stadium before the bullfight began. Madu was pretty excited with the whole thing. But I ended up snapping pics of the sky and brushing up my spanish. Anything but to watch the bull being tortured to death. Wuwuu. Anw, I think Barcelona did it right to ban bullfighting. I know it’s their culture and all.. but I think most of the audiences there are tourists and not locals. So it’s not really like some sort of traditional thing if the locals hardly come to watch it.

Moving on to less depressing stuffs, here’s San Miguel’s market! There’s lotsa food stalls and dessert stalls inside. Oooh! fruit stalls too! I bought some really sweet cherries (:

And we took a 2½ hours Segway tour. It was funnnn! I was pretty worried with the balancing stuffs at first. When I first rode it, I was like what if I can’t get it right? What if in the end I can’t ride it at all cos of my poor balancing? But after a while, I got used to it and it’s fun! To operate it, I just have to bend forward, backward or sideways (: No buttons, gears or anything.

Fun fun funnnn! I wish I could own one now! Huhu. We visited quite a lot of places but I can’t really remember their spanish names. The thing I remember the most is the statue of the literature Don Quixote de la Mancha. It’s about this guy Don Quixote who thought the windmill’s an evil giant and wants to fight it. I thought it’s pretty stupid when my tour guide told us the story. Lols.

We walked to the Retiro park as recommended by my Segway tour guide after the segway tour. It’s a nice place. AND I WANTED TO KAYAKKKK BUT MADU SAYS NOOOO T.T Aihhh. Sad betul.

I have horrible memories with food in Madrid too. I asked my segway tour guide for local food recommendations. Anyway, he did recommend that thing below.

It looks disgusting, no? But I managed to put them in my mouth. It’s squid and rice. I didn’t manage to finish it when I noticed the squid still has its intestines (or whatever you call it) inside. And later, I found out those black sauce is the squid’s ink. Gosh. I felt like puking. I can’t believe I ate it!

Another bad eating experience.. Paella mixta was nice (: Only thing is, I didn’t get a chance to eat the prawn. WTH RIGHT?! I kept the prawn last but it was a two course meal we’re eating. Madu finished his food and the waiter came (he can’t speak english). Anyway, he asked me to put down my fork and spoon. I told him I still wanna eat and he nodded (though I doubt he understood what I was saying). Then he asked me to put down my fork and spoon again.. AND HE COLLECTED MY PLATE.. WITH MY PRAWNS! *curse curse curse*

But he’s a nice waiter. He gave us free ice-cream and showed me each of the desserts cos we don’t understand him. And his name is Benetto. Huhu. Dang. We’re like bribed with ice-creams XD Anw, that’s it in Madrid (: Toledo’s next!



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