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Hello Toledo! September 16, 2010

Posted by blackpumpkin in Holiday.

I can’t remember how far is it from Madrid.. Maybe an hour train ride from Madrid. Huhu. We took a bus up to Zocodover which was easy since we don’t have to climb up. But as we walk.. and walk.. we somehow walked down and it was too early to leave so we have to climb our way up again T.T

Toledo is like a hill. You know you see in those old shows.. it’s like a hugeee brick castle.. and they have winding road going uphill. Something like that. Huhu. Anw, this place is famous for its weapon and armor making. So it’s not suprising that 50% of the shops there sell swords (real swords), suit of armor or kitchen knives XD

This is my souvenir for mommy ^.^ It’s actually used to eat fruits and I thought it’s pretty cute (: I was surveying the price all over and the cheapest I found was €9.60. You can get lotsa sword-like letter opener too which costs below €10, depending on their length/size.

The scenery’s nice and all. Oh! One thing which is weird is that.. there’s no toilets *curse curse curse* Only restaurants have it and if you’re not their customer, they won’t allow you to use it! Lucky though, there’s McD! XD

And I was practically freezing there cos Madu told me it’s warm. Warmer than Madrid.. which turns out to be wrong. I WAS FREAKING COLD THERE IN TOLEDO! Rawr. Thus, a bad day for me. Tchh.



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