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Home “Bitter” Home September 30, 2010

Posted by blackpumpkin in Holiday, LJMU, UK.

I’m finally back in Bolehland and I missed Liverpool damn much! I missed everything there! The friendly people, the nice weather, the dog which loves to sit in the middle of the road while ignoring everyone else (my coursemate created a fb page for it), and my darling superlambananas (:

I seriously dislike the hot weather here! Ahhhh! And life has been so meaningless now that I’ve lost my aim. Lols. Back when I was in Liverpool, I have an aim that kept me going – superlambanana hunting! I’d walk for hours just to find for a superlambanana i.e. 6 hours walk to Royal Hospital, Edge Hill and Women’s Hospital or 3 hours walk to South Parkway station. And I’m proud to say I’ve found 58 superlambananas despite having them all relocated as they are now private property.

I stole this pic from Madu’s blog XD But hey, this is my album in facebook! So I have the right to use it. Huhu. Anw, it was really mad crazy. All my friends know how obsessed I am with it. They’ll inform me and tag me whenever they found new lambananas. And I’d go to forums and google to find the lambananas whereabouts. To save money, I’ll drag my friends to hunt for these lambananas by foot with me, along with my hand-drawn map XD But it’s not a bad thing to be so obsessed.

Because of these lambananas, I learned to draw maps.
Because of these lambananas, I learned to read maps.
Because of these lambananas, I discovered places in Liverpool which a normal student wouldn’t go.
Because of these lambananas, I won the photography competition by my uni.
Because of these lambananas, I met really nice locals.
Because of these lambananas, my life’s so much more interesting!

I spent my last night in Liverpool in Hampton by Hilton hotel. It’s just Hampton but when I googled it, “by Hilton” seems to be in its name too. Hmm.. afterall, Hilton’s really popular so I think they need to let people know XD

Anw, I think the hotel’s amazing! perhaps it’s because I’ve been staying in hostels too much. But the price is reasonable. It’s even cheaper than a hostel in London! And they serve yummy breakfast (: I super like their scrambled eggs and baked beans (:

I’m just lousy with angles so the room ended up looking somewhat tiny here. Huhu. Anw, all good things come to an end~

And I have to stuff my luggage with all the stuffs I bought for the past 3 months.

And also hand carried a shoebox-full of candies and chocolates home XD

I was damn worried my luggage will be overweight. I came with around 26kg or 27kg check-in luggage and asked Madu to bring another smaller bag for me when he came. And I went back with 36kg check-in luggage. Fuhhh. Lucky I have 40kg baggage allowance! (: So everything ended well. I’m super glad I didn’t have to pay or throw anything away. Huhu.

*sigh* everything seems like a dream now. I’m melting in Bolehland.. and living like a zombie without aim. Lols.



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