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Macarons – Phailed! October 1, 2010

Posted by blackpumpkin in Baking.

I’ve been in love with these french desserts ever since I tried Sadaharu Aoki and Laduree’s macarons! (Btw, I tried this french macaron in Spain and it’s not nice at all!) And so, I’ve decided to try baking them myself!

I did lotsa research and freaked out a little when I read lotsa bad review on it. I saw people attempting to make them and still failed after 3 tries! But they didn’t give up (and I really salute them). I saw people complaining that their batter is too runny.. or the macarons don’t form feet, or the macarons ended up hollow, or having their macarons rising and then slumping in..

Oh boy, macarons are like women! I read that the measurement must all be accurate otherwise you’ll fail. Or the batter cannot be over beaten or under beaten, either one yields the same result – FAIL!

My story.. is different from the rest. Most people complain about having runny batter.. BUT MY BATTER’S NOT RUNNY! It’s a bit dough-like! And I freaked out. Couldn’t find the solution when I googled “Troubleshooting macarons” But I remember reading that overbeaten batter will be runny. So I kept beating them.. but not much help.

So I gave up and see what will my batter make.

It has feet! (: The shell doesn’t crack easily and it’s crispy! Lols. But the problem is that it’s chewy inside.. must’ve been because the batter was too thick. And it’s SUPER sweet! I mean FREAKING sweet! Anyway, since it has already gone wrong, might as well I do some experiments.

I first used 150°C for 14 minutes.. My macarons were pink (I added colouring) but chewy inside.
Then I tried 160°C for 15 minutes.. My macarons were light brown and ended up like cookies! ^.^

I prefer having them cookie-like than chewy. Lols. Anw, I think I know what to do next time. I need to reduce the dry ingredients and the sugar! Rawr. Oh. I didn’t make the filling in the end cos the shells alone was sweet enough. Lols.

Here’s the recipe I used (So NEVER use this recipe unless you intend to fail XD)

140g almond flour
225g icing sugar
100g egg white
40g granulated sugar

Next time, I’ll try to reduce to 25g granulated sugar, 180g icing sugar and 120g almond flour. Huhu. Will definitely post it here to announce my success or failure. Lols.



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