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B.l.i.n.G. October 9, 2010

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I’ve seen lotsa people going to I-City but I didn’t know its name at first. I thought it was just a Christmas thing in Pavilion! Anw, I was amazed by those colourful LED lights (I have a thing for colours) and finally asked Madu to drive us there! Woohoo~!

Entrance fee is RM5 on Mon-Thurs and RM10 on Fri-Sun (per car). And when you pay RM5/RM10, you’ll get a cash-back voucher at the same price. The vouchers can be used to buy drinks or as admission fee into the Cold World or Safari in I-City. With one voucher, up to 5 person can use the voucher to enter the Cold World or Safari. If you’ve used the voucher and would like to enter either one, there’s an admission fee of RM2 per person.

I think the Safari’s not worth going to especially at night cos it’ll be kinda dark to actually take a pic of the animals’ statues. The Cold World is REALLY cold. They have lots of aircond in the room! And after the Cold World, there’s a chinese new year room with mandarin orange trees, squirrels and red tanglungs 🙂

It’s a little warm there cos.. well.. lights generate heat? Huhu. The area’s still kinda empty. Not sure what time the shops close but there’s a cafe and an ice-cream shop opened at night (that’s all I noticed as I was more interested in the bling blings!)

Despite going on a weekday, the crowd’s still huge after 8pm! I reached I-City at 7pm and it was so nice then. No crowds. I have the Cold World all to myself 🙂 I hope they’ll add a musical fountain in the future! Huhu. They do on the spotlights at 8.30pm and 10.30pm for about 5-10minutes. But it’s kinda boring cos there’s no colour XD or music.

Anw, it’s worth going if you like bling bling like meee! XD



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