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Bad ETS First Time Experience October 16, 2010

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I am a loyal supporter of KTM intercity train esp KL-Ipoh as I find train a safer mean of transport (too many accidents in the highway with speeding or drunk bus drivers.. I can’t trust them!). But I was really unlucky. I went to the station on Tue to get Thurs’s tickets and we had this.. er.. frustrating conversation.


Me: Nak beli tiket hari Khamis.

Lady: Komputer rosak!

Me: Komputer rosak sampai malam kah?

Lady: Ya. Esok datang lagi.


Pffft. Wasted 30 minute parking fee! So I went there again the next day (Wed).


Lady: Komputer rosak.

Me: Masih rosak?! Semlm saya datang, orang tu kata hari ni boleh beli?

Lady: Komputer rosak. Datang lagi esok.

Me: Tak boleh reserve kah?

Lady: Tak boleh.

Me: Jadi guarantee ada ticket kah?

Lady: Ehh.. tak boleh.


Wth. HOW CAN YOU NOT HAVE A CONTINGENCY PLAN?! KOMPUTER ROSAK TAK PAYAH BUAT KERJA! Fuiisehhh! Anw, I went to the ETS counter (electric train). The girl there was friendlier and she said “GUARANTEE ADA TIKET!” lols. She even asked me to pakai lawa2 like my mom (cos I was lazy to change mine and I look like pasar malam ahsam XD) Pffft. Another 30 minute parking fee wasted.


SO, I went again the next day (an hour before the train departs) and I got the electric train ticket! Woohoo~! I was pretty excited. I rode Renfe’s train in Madrid and it was mad fast! I can’t remember the exact speed but I think it’s 300++ km/h.


BUT when I saw the train, I was disappointed. It doesn’t have the cool bullet exterior. It looks just like any other train except that it’s newer. And another major diff is that there’s a cafeteria in my compartment and they sell hot food (like rendang, bihun etc instead of junk food in  the normal trains).


Anw, I was hoping it’d go fastttt! Like the one in Madrid. But no. I was monitoring its speed on the TV. Fastest speed from Ipoh to Batu Gajah – 144km/h. Ooookay. So I thought, maybe cos the station’s too near so it didn’t have the chance to speed up. Again, no. After Batu Gajah, the fastest speed it went was 124km/h. ZOMG. Took about 2 hrs 30 min to reach KL Sentral. It’s like only 30 min faster. WHY WOULD I WANNA PAY EXTRA RM18 TO SAVE 30MINUTES?! So yea, no next time. I’m going for the normal trains.


On second thought though, perhaps they can’t go fast due to the uneven train tracks. Huhu. I think this reason is acceptable. Nevertheless, I’m not gonna take ETS again unless there’s no more tic for the normal trains! Huhu.



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