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Woodfire-cooked pizza! October 17, 2010

Posted by blackpumpkin in Food.

It was my first time to Michelangelo Pizzeria in Ipoh though it was opened since 2009 Dec (or so I read) Huhu.

The unique part of it is that the pizza’s made with woodfire. I didn’t take a pic of it cos it was kinda crowded. The shop opens at 6pm, I went there at about 6.30pm, and there’s already lotsa people there! The area is kinda small thus, catering not many customers.

I read really good reviews of the place. Especially on how friendly and nice the shop owner (Michael) was. I didn’t see him in person though. Either he’s not in at that time or he’s making pizza at the back. Huhu. But the waiters and waitresses are friendly. Madu ordered a can of Sprite and I didn’t want any. In most ahbeng or ahlian coffee shops, they’ll GLARE at you for not ordering drinks. But the waitress was nice enough to ask if I wanted an empty cup (She thought we’re sharing the drink). Though I don’t need it, but nice people like this makes me happy! ^.^

You can choose a few flavours for the pizza. But I guess the maximum you should choose is 4 flavours (It’s not good to test them with 8 flavours and see it all squeezed up in one pizza) We chose two only – Italian Sausage and BBQ.

The pizzas are all served on a pan, supported by a large, empty tomato puree can. The pizza’s not bad. Lotsa ingredients used. It was crispy and all. But the bottom part was a bit burnt (maybe I’m unlucky or something) and I find it a little bitter. Not the whole pizza was burnt underneath though. Only a few sides. Anw, I find the portion large for 2 person. Madu and I couldn’t finish it and we had to tapao. I guess 3-4 persons would be able to finish it.

On the way out, WE SAW THIS! ARGHH! I read a lot bout this being really nice and Michael decided to make them again! (It was limited edition before this). I think I’ll be back there to give it another try later. Huhu.



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