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Me <3 Prizes November 4, 2010

Posted by blackpumpkin in Uncategorized.

Madu and I joined this video competition organised by Taylor’s. He’s the main cast, of course. And he plots what to do and stuff. It’s just a 30-sec video to show what’s your biggest fear.

But the annoying part is.. well, it’s a facebook competition. So you win by getting the most votes. Such competitions are NEVER fair. The most friends win, obviously. ARGHH. I spent the whole day sitting in front of my lappie to msg people in my list to “like” the video.

The good thing bout this competition is, I get to catch up with old friends 🙂 Ended up talking to them and catching up with their life. And I discovered who are the selfish people in my list and I shall NOT help them even if they need my help in the future. i.e. there was this girl who joined some competition like this before.. i helped her back then and now when I needed help, she ignored me! WTF RIGHT?! Damn selfish fella.

Oh! And there’s another girl.. I helped her click before too. But when I asked her to help me, she ignored me also. And after my competition ended, apparently she joined another competition and she has the face to ask me help her again! WTF MANN. I ignored her of course. Such selfish people do not deserve help!

There’s also lotsa nice friends though. I have many friends who not even helped me “like” the video. They helped me to promote too! That’s reallllly nice 🙂

Anw, we only ended up with the complimentary prize. Had 1k plus votes but still lost by 300+ votes. Nevertheless, I’m contented with a Carlo Rino bag! Other prizes include RM100 voucher for Tropicana Life and 1 month Muay Thai training for 2 persons.



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