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Comparing Macarons Like a Pro… November 25, 2010

Posted by blackpumpkin in Food.

…when I’m not one. Lols. Everyone has different preference in taste. And I have my own ranking of macarons which I like.

Ong Susu just came back from Aussie and she helped me to buy some Lindt’s macarons. I’ve been really in love with these ever since I came back from Paris but I’ve yet to find some nice macarons which can beat Laduree’s or Sadaharu Aoki’s.

These Lindt’s macarons are sold at A$2.50 each. It’s ok. Nice but not as good as the ones I had in Paris. I find the crust a little too thick to my liking.. more like cookies. Huhu. But from these few flavours, I like pistachio the best. (And it’s a flavour ong susu picked for me!)

This is Santo Tome’s (Plaza Zocodover, Toledo) macarons. They were.. erm.. a bit hard. I kinda have a bad impression on Spain’s desserts. Lols. I guess you should only try mazapans in Spain since they’re famous for it.

The first ever macarons which I tried! Sadaharu Aoki’s macarons! Yummyyyy! I like the fact that they have small ones. Lindt’s macarons only come in one size apparently.. since Susu was a bit confused when I told her I want the small ones. Lol. But macarons are generally SWEET and having a big piece of macaron is.. erm.. a little too sweet for me.

The best macaron award goes to Laduree!! I love their rose flavoured macarons ^.^ It’s too bad that I didn’t get to try Pierre Herme’s macarons as I read it’s even better than Laduree’s?



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