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I first started blogging in 2004 to express my inner thoughts and my daily life. But I have the tendency to blog-hop. From blogger to diaryland, back to blogger and tumblr. I realise I’ve never tried wordpress before and it seems to be really nice. So I guess I’ll stick to this for a long, long time (: The only thing I dislike about wordpress is that I can’t seem to add a cbox here. Maybe it’s the template? *shrugs*

If you’re curious of my blog address, I’ve been using blackpumpkin since 2004. Black in the sense of being evil, pumpkin.. I dunno. I just thought of pumpkins (: A little bit on me.. I am a fan of all CUTE items. Definitely a shopaholic. Enjoys baking. And plans to go dessert-hunting all around the world! So you know what to expect in this blog.

Flickr’s pics on the sidebar are my dearest babies. The brown pup is Jojo, the black pup is Woofer, the brown gerbil is BeeBee and the black gerbil is BooBoo. I loveeeee animals! All animals, except cats, for they are my little rodents worst enemy.




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