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Home “Bitter” Home September 30, 2010

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I’m finally back in Bolehland and I missed Liverpool damn much! I missed everything there! The friendly people, the nice weather, the dog which loves to sit in the middle of the road while ignoring everyone else (my coursemate created a fb page for it), and my darling superlambananas (:

I seriously dislike the hot weather here! Ahhhh! And life has been so meaningless now that I’ve lost my aim. Lols. Back when I was in Liverpool, I have an aim that kept me going – superlambanana hunting! I’d walk for hours just to find for a superlambanana i.e. 6 hours walk to Royal Hospital, Edge Hill and Women’s Hospital or 3 hours walk to South Parkway station. And I’m proud to say I’ve found 58 superlambananas despite having them all relocated as they are now private property.

I stole this pic from Madu’s blog XD But hey, this is my album in facebook! So I have the right to use it. Huhu. Anw, it was really mad crazy. All my friends know how obsessed I am with it. They’ll inform me and tag me whenever they found new lambananas. And I’d go to forums and google to find the lambananas whereabouts. To save money, I’ll drag my friends to hunt for these lambananas by foot with me, along with my hand-drawn map XD But it’s not a bad thing to be so obsessed.

Because of these lambananas, I learned to draw maps.
Because of these lambananas, I learned to read maps.
Because of these lambananas, I discovered places in Liverpool which a normal student wouldn’t go.
Because of these lambananas, I won the photography competition by my uni.
Because of these lambananas, I met really nice locals.
Because of these lambananas, my life’s so much more interesting!

I spent my last night in Liverpool in Hampton by Hilton hotel. It’s just Hampton but when I googled it, “by Hilton” seems to be in its name too. Hmm.. afterall, Hilton’s really popular so I think they need to let people know XD

Anw, I think the hotel’s amazing! perhaps it’s because I’ve been staying in hostels too much. But the price is reasonable. It’s even cheaper than a hostel in London! And they serve yummy breakfast (: I super like their scrambled eggs and baked beans (:

I’m just lousy with angles so the room ended up looking somewhat tiny here. Huhu. Anw, all good things come to an end~

And I have to stuff my luggage with all the stuffs I bought for the past 3 months.

And also hand carried a shoebox-full of candies and chocolates home XD

I was damn worried my luggage will be overweight. I came with around 26kg or 27kg check-in luggage and asked Madu to bring another smaller bag for me when he came. And I went back with 36kg check-in luggage. Fuhhh. Lucky I have 40kg baggage allowance! (: So everything ended well. I’m super glad I didn’t have to pay or throw anything away. Huhu.

*sigh* everything seems like a dream now. I’m melting in Bolehland.. and living like a zombie without aim. Lols.


Farewell, LJMU~ August 31, 2010

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3 months’ REALLYYYYY short. With our packed schedule of exams, assignments, and trips, every single second is precious! Anw, my 3 months have ended ): Awww. I like it in Liverpool. People are friendly (cos I was lucky enough to not meet the bad ones, which some of my friends met), the weather is nice cos I don’t have to sweat and stink 😛 PLUS, that’d mean NO MORE JANE NORMAN! OR SHOPPING AFTER CLASS! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! THE HORRORRRRR. XD

Uni organised a farewell ball for us in Adelphi on 31st August, immediately after our exam. It’s a night to remember (: I don’t remember having so much fun. But the buffet meal’s terrible. Since the buffet hall couldn’t possibly serve all of us, we have to take turns to queue and the first batch who went in gets to take as many desserts as they like. But when it’s our turn, apparently they realised there won’t be enough desserts and limit us to one dessert per person! *@^#*&@&*$@

It’s BUFFET! So that’s what it’s called. I didn’t know buffet LIMITS people to what they take! RAWR.

Nevertheless, it was still fun. Lotsa dancing after the dinner. Even our lecturers danced along! ^.^ Oh! And I randomly submitted some pictures for the photography competition.. and I won! Lols. 2nd prize for the “My memories in UK” category XD Here’s the photo I’ve submitted XD

Guess there’s a good reason for being over obsessed with these lambananas XD Won a book on photography of the waterfront.. which is super heavy and i don’t wanna bring it backkk! 😛

I’ll be backpacking to Paris and Spain tomorrow onwards. Damn ganjeong can! Must store luggage in the morning and run off to catch my flight to Paris d. Huhu. But more updates to come.. cos my hostels in Paris and Spain has wi-fi! (:

Meteor Shower! August 12, 2010

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No.. I didn’t see it. But there’s supposed to be meteor shower in the east (which unfortunately is not the direction my room’s facing). Anw, I’ve decided to stay home and eat nectarines cos it’s freaking cold outside! Some went to Albert Dock and some went to Everton Hill to catch the meteor shower. Weather’s starting to change lately and it’s extremelyyyyy cold. Even with the sun, the wind’s freezing cold and strong.

There, I took the effort to post a short update XD Shall go back to my ever boring black and white notes. Exam’s on Monday. Damn. Time flies. Just one more module left after this exam ): The thought of going job hunting freaks me out!


I was in EDINBURGH! July 18, 2010

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Another trip post to update.. EDINBURGH! I followed the 3 days 2 nights Edinburgh trip organised by student union and the Budget Backpackers Hostel was impressive (: Clean bathrooms, colourful walls and doors, kitchen provided, breakfast provided and helpful staffs at the reception! ^.^

If you’re a Harry Potter fan (I mean the books), you’ll LOVE this place! Apparently, JK Rowling started writing parts of her book and got her inspiration from Edinburgh. At some point, I felt like I’ve stepped into Diagon Alley! But of course, there’s no MAGICAL shops. They do have a witchery shop and a joke shop though (and they’re located on a winding street!).

To all the guides, I present to you… FLORAL CLOCK! Ahh~ 100 years of guiding.. brings back sweet secondary school memories (: Guides camp.. Bonfire night.. guides gathering.. Saturday night dance.. Thinking Day.. ^.^

I set out to hunt for this clock.. only to take picture of it, walk past it, and not knowing this was the floral clock I’ve been looking for! Lols. Ended up searching the entire park for it and asked lotsa people bout it. The reason this clock’s unique is because of the flowers.. AND IT ACTUALLY WORKS! Huhu. The cuckoo bird even pops out every 15 minutes (:

Tried some of the local food for dinner and it is delicious! Planned to dine at Greyfriar’s Bobby but the kitchen was closed that night due to some sort of live concert so we ended up at Crag & Tail (which was more expensive). Not complaining though. Friendly waitresses and yummy food!

Loveeeee this dessert (I love all desserts, actually XD). It’s called Cranachan. A local Scottish dessert made of cream, honey, oats, whisky, raspberry and raspberry sauce (:

It’s a MUST-TRY drink in Scotland, as Richard says. XD Got it from the hostel’s vending machine for only 50p. (: It actually tastes like carbonated rose syrup.. which is orange in colour. Kinda weird since the colour and taste don’t match XD

You can’t say you’ve been to Scotland without taking a pic with the locals in kilt or buying the kilt yourself! And I think he knows the reason why I’m taking pic with him XD

Spotted this while heading to the Scott Monument. Abso loveeeee! Would’ve bought it is the price’s not so mad expensive! T.T The cat’s eyes are really pretty. It’s like a stone with life.. hmm.. maybe it’s some sort of enchanted cat. Ahh~ This place is just so magical. Even the shoes look magical! Lols.

I went hiking (OMG! I’m definitely sick in the head! This is my 2nd time in UK!) to Arthur’s Seat on my last day. Just a brief intro of it.. Arthur’s Seat used to be a volcano. And by Arthur, it’s referring to King Arthur. I don’t remember the roman numerics in his name (if there’s any) but it’s that King Arthur with the mythical excalibur sword XD

Anw, we went there ourselves at 10am since Richard’s only departing at 11am. BUT.. we took the wrong route. We’re supposed to take the left route which is much easier. Ended up on the right route which is SUPER steep. 10 minutes of hike almost killed me! SERIOUSLY. I was panting like hell! Then my friend was like, “I wonder if Richard’s here yet. He told us to keep left twice.” And I stared at him dumbfoundedly, reminding him we’re on the RIGHT ROUTE. Then he thought about it a while.. AND WE WENT BACK TO OUR STARTING POINT TO TAKE THE LEFT ROUTE INSTEAD! ZOMG.

‘Zis is St Anthony’s Chapel (which is on the left route). The view at the top of Arthur’s Seat was breathtaking though! 360 degree view of Edinburgh! ^.^

Oh! And there’s one thing bout Edinburgh – don’t bother going out for night view. The lights were off at 12am (if I’m not mistaken). Lols. We went to Calton Hill at night thinking that we’ll get a NICE view.. BUT IT’S ALL DARK! Except for the spotlight shining upon the Athenian acropolis. Anyway, I was super disappointed. Plus, we need a DSLR to take nice pic of Edinburgh’s night view from the hill top. T.T

So that’s a VERY BRIEF summary of my Edinburgh trip XD Cos I still do have tonnes of pics.. but it’s best not to post them all or I’ll reach my photo space limit in wordpress VERY soon.

First hike in UK! July 4, 2010

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I’ve walked the “longest road in my life” ever since I came to Liverpool! Everyday’s about walking. Half an hour to uni.. half an hour back.. Extra time if I wanna shop for stuffs or if I wanna go to Avril Robarts. The greatest walk so far if my walk to Sefton park which took 6 hours of non-stop walk.. which is more than 5 miles. Lols. But you know what? That’s not enough. So I went to Lake District, and hiked 1 1/2 hours up hill.. and another hour downhill.

It was a long and tiring journey! I was half dead when I reached the waterfall. And then RW told us there’s a lake further on.. which takes about another 15 minutes hike. When I saw the lake at last, I was SUPER happy. I ACTUALLY SCREAMED! XD

One thing to becareful though.. COW DUNG. Lols. It’s EVERYWHERE! Goat’s dung too. But those aren’t so disgusting as it’s tiny and round.. like chocolate chips. Lols. Because there’s so many of it.. we went shit-observing. Like how healthy the cow is XD The path reminds me of NS though. Rocky path with lotsa cow dung. Lucky we don’t need to jog.

Here’s a souvenir. A fresh one (: I forgot to upload a pic but apparently, Grassmere’s traditional gingerbread is very popular. I tried one, and NO, I don’t like it. I don’t like ginger to begin with. But since I’m there, I must at least try it. And my friend got Ginger Chocolate which was even worst. Ginger lovers will love it though. There’s a really strong ginger taste. I was hoping to try gingerbread man.. but they dun make gingerbread mans ):

Next stop was Windermere. I didn’t take the cruise ride. It’s cheap actually. £6.20 after student discount for a 45 minute ride. I chose to explore the place myself instead. Hmm.. not much. Lotsa ice-cream stalls. I found this super cheap stall, the cheapest, actually. £1.50 plus a chocolate stick and we can pour the topping ourselves. Unlimited topping. Teehee. Others range from £1.70 – £2 and we cant pour the topping ourselves. Oh yea. And there’s lotsa SWANS! Ducks too.. but ducks do not interest me with the existence of swans (I went quacky in Sefton Park cos there weren’t any swans there!)

I’m glad I sold my Snowdonia tickets. I don’t wanna hike second round! Lols.

On a completely different topic, I couldn’t control my temptation and bought my first (ready made) dessert! (Ice-cream’s not counted XD)

Yum yum~ Bought it from Sayers and it’s called Cornflake Nest ^.^ But I’m sure mommy can make better ones. Huhu I’m gonna ask her to make it when I’m back home.

And my skin’s getting REALLLLYYYYY dry here due to the weather. Saw this promotion in TBS so I went to get myself the body butter. And there’s discount for foot deodoriser! Haha never tried it before but it’s on discount too. So? BELILAH! XD

I know it’s cheaper in Malaysia when they have 70% discount.. but I dunno when they’ll have it and I need it NOW. Anw, it’s £5 each and I get a small (really small) sample of Shea shower cream.

Blackpool! June 27, 2010

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It’s a veryyyyy nice place! Took the 6.10am National Express Coach from Liverpool.. It was crazy! We left Atlantic Point at 5.30am! Lols. But the sky’s so bright, it made us feel that it’s around 9am already XD

So for those who has never been to Blackpool, I’ll giva y’all a brief idea (it’s brief otherwise I can spend few days writing ’bout it, if I’ve visited all the places). Our itinerary was to visit the North Pier, Central Pier and South Pier. Oh, the Armed Forces’ Parade too! Coincidentally, it’s the National Arm Forces’ week! But if you do have time to spare, the Blackpool Tower is a must visit place! You need to spend about a day in the tower to make sure you utilise your admission ticket.. and we definitely don’t have the time to spare there ):

Anw, I think I did have fun in Blackpool. There’s lotsa candy.. candy.. and candy. Lols. Blackpool’s famous for their rock candy. So you can find lotsa candy shops around. Fudge shops too! I forgot the location of the shop with really nice fudge.. but the candy shop I’d recommend is the one near South Pier which sells souvenirs too. Chopped rock candies are priced at £1.50 per bottle.. but the first shop I visited was selling them at £2! I wonder if it’s because she knows we’re tourists. That’s the only one selling it so expensive. Cane rock candies are cheaper. The smallest cane is usually sold at 6 sticks for £1 but we found one at 7 sticks for £1. Teehee.

There’re other candies like sandwich marshmallows, piggy marshmallows, willie and tittie candies, which I find them rather disturbing XD

Another thing about Blackpool is that you find really a lot of fish n’ chips shops there! It’s like, 2 shops of it together or one on each end. We lost count of the fish n’ chips shops we saw. But we asked around and the locals recommended Harry Ramsdens’ which I’ve tried it the time I went to Cheshire Oaks XD So for something different, I tried Pablo’s fish n’ chips. It’s quite a big portion. £4.99 for it plus a regular drink. 20p extra for mayo. Huhu.

Blackpool has lotsa amusement centres (like Capcom in BolehLand).. and gambling machines. Lols. We spent lotsa time on these machines. There’s this senior citizen who keeps winning coins! So out of kiasu-ness, we played too. Invested really a lot on it.. only to get back 6 coins in return ): But it’s only 2p coins. Teehee. And I didn’t play much, I don’t gamble after all. Only spent 2p on it. My friend kept changing coins out of frustration XD

There’s a long stretch of beach in Blackpool. It starts even before the North Pier, and beyong the South Pier. But I think the busiest spot would be around the Central Pier. That Eiffel Tower lookalike is the Blackpool Tower. We saw it in the museum that it was originally called the Eiffel Tower, Blackpool cos the structure is the same as Paris’ Eiffel Tower, but it’s only half the height of Eiffel Tower. After it was built, it’s known as the Blackpool Tower.

Here’s the pics of the parade. It was really fun cos we were actually parading with them! They started somewhere near BHs and we went to join the fun. Following them all the way til they reach the square XD

So one day’s definitely not enough in Blackpool. Maybe 2 days one night would be nice. The night view will be superb! Too bad we’re too tired to stay there ’til night.

Wait. I just missed out something very important.. There’s lotsa horse carriages there! It’d cost £20 for 5 person to ride. And there’s one very outstanding carriage which looks like the princess carriage! It’s very hard to find it though ):

June 18, 2010

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I can KILL with my candy stick! FOR REAL! I accidentally poke my lips with it.. It’s freaking PAINFUL okays! T.T Got this from the Maritime Museum for 35p.. I like the banana flavour better. Huhu.

This is the Nescafe cappuccino. Not bad. Haha. It’s really frothy on top when I add water (:

This is like super super nice! Especially the cornflakes coated with choc! Haha. My friend treated me this. I’m so gonna go grab them! Buy 6 (in a packet) free 6 more! And if you’re wondering why my yogurt looks frozen, well, I like my yogurt to be frozen. I’ll break it with the spoon and it’ll be like ice kacang! XD

Since it’s exam season, I’m pretty lazy to cook proper food. So it’s microwaving time! I keep grabbing frozen food which costs £1 or less. But because it’s exam season, which means I’ll be a good girl and sit at home, I KEEP EATING NONSTOP! I think I had 4 meals yesterday if I’m not mistaken T.T I’ll seriously gain weight in no time if this goes on.

Plus, I’m a potato freak. Potatoes are cheap. Cheese and bread is cheap. So, you get it.. it’s all the fattening stuffs which I’m eating!

I was having my lunch happily until Louis called me suddenly, saying that we’re chosen for the WoW programme and there’s a workshop.. like at that time? I totally freaked out. Gone in total disarray. I was really really hoping to be chosen for this programme and I thought I wasn’t. And I was so afraid that I’d not be allowed to join it if I missed today’s workshop. Managed to contact PY and she told me to go there IMMEDIATELY. There’s still 40 minutes left before the workshop ends!

So I dumped my remaining cottage pie into the fridge, changed, grabbed my backpack and RAN TO GDC ASAP! I repeat, RAN! Was sweating like hell when I reached GDC, seriously, adrenaline rush! Lols. Usually it takes ’bout 10 minutes for me to walk there but I reached there in 5 minutes. Phew~

Lucky though, there’s another group next Friday. So I’m joining the next group for today’s missed lessons! Teeheehee~ ^.^ Btw, WoW is a programme which sort of guides us on our career. To help us discover what we want ourselves, some sort of motivation thingy.. and also to furnish us with the requirements in which potential employers may look for.

Updates from Liverpool! June 11, 2010

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So I’ve been in Liverpool for about a week already. Doing great so far. I sleep at 10pm, wake up at 6am XD and runs off to online (which’d be about 1pm in BolehLand). Anw, the line’s only fast in the morning. And usually I’ll have tutorials and lectures which would take up the day. Reach home about 5pm plus, starts cooking for dinner and stuff.. by the time everything’s done, it’s time to sleep. And the sky is always very misleading. The sun seems to rise only around 8pm -.- Since most of the time it’s cloudy during the daytime. And the sun sets at 9.30pm or 10pm. Well, the problem is, we won’t know how late it is until we look at the time XD

This is for the sake of uploading some pics for posts which I should’ve done earlier. It’s the nicest meal in the plane for me. Haha. BolehLand to Dubai meals sucks. They keep feeding us with croissants and bread. But Dubai to Manchester meals are very nice. We had like 4 meals in the plane from BolehLand to Manchester.

Below are some pics of my room. We have 6 individual rooms in a unit, en-suite bathroom and a communal kitchen. Mine’s the one right opposite the kitchen, and the first room when I enter my unit. So naisss. I don’t have to walk far. Haha. But the bad news is, my unit’s on the highest floor -.- I have to climb 3 or 4 flights of stairs.. I forgot XD

We have a tv hidden in the corner. Haha and they have funny ads XD Which I doubt BolehLand will allow.

I must must must post this! My food shelf! But of course, I’m gonna restock more. But.. but.. I miss Milo. I should’ve brought it over. I found one tiny can here and it’s super expensive!! It’s hard to find chocolate drink too. I only found Cadbury’s Chocolate drink.. but it’s not as nice as Milo ):

This is very random. My friend’s sandwich which she bought in Tesco Express for £2. You need to get one to eat while watching World Cup. Lols. Cos it starts singing “Ole Ole Ole Ole~” when you open the box XD

I got a jacket potato for lunch yesterday from street stalls. So nais can! I’m gonna go bake my own jacket potatoes. Haha. But I gobbled it and forgot to take pic cos I was toooo hungry. XD Oh. And on my first day, I’ve already run to Primark for shopping. Haha. But haven’t got much. There’s still one floor which I’ve not looked at. Going there again later today. I GOT A 11-12 YRS OLD DRESS! XD

More updates later. Get updated with my superlambanana obsession! XD Lols.

Signing-off 9.30am.