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Cookie, My Little Baby October 28, 2010

Posted by blackpumpkin in Pets.
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On 24th Oct, my dad came back telling me that there’s an abandoned puppy left sitting in a tyre in the field near our house. (I need to write down the date here or I’d forget!) And so, my bro and I went to check it out. The poor thing was left to fend for herself.. but she’s a pup sooo tiny. She hasn’t even opened her eyes! What’s more walk! Toothless and harmless, left with no food or drink. HOW ON EARTH WILL SHE SURVIVE?!

So I was telling my bro to just bring her home first and IF my parents really object to it, we’ll have to send her back to the field and maybe drop some hints to a neighbour who is a dog lover. Lucky though, my parents agreed that we’ll raise her.. but one condition from my dad – We can only raise her til she can take care of herself and then she’ll be set free! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! But we already have Jojo and Woofer at home and it’ll be really hard to manage 3 dogs since they have to go for walks twice a day (that’d be 6 times if we adopt the puppy)

Nevertheless, my bro and I still took the responsibility to raise her because we believe that we’ll be able to make our dad accept her when she’s ready to take care of herself! Huhu.

LOOOOK!! SO CUTEE! How can I resist her?! Her eyes are open now and she can walk already! Though still a little wobbly. I guess she’s about 2 weeks old. But handling a pup is so much like a practice to handle a real human baby!

We have to feed her milk once every 2 hours using a bottle, clean her poop, clean it when she pees.. And just taking care of her would’ve took half of my day (if you add them all up). Of course that includes playing time XD I can just sit down at stare at her the whole day. SO SO CUTEEE! Lols. She’s very obsessed with sucking now and she likes to sleep next to my foot or on my foot XD

IF really we could not rear her, I hope I’d be able to find a nice master for her. I don’t want to set her free! There’s lotsa dog-catchers here.. and they don’t catch. THEY SHOOT THE DOGS TO DEATH!! Just a week or two ago, two dog (which unfortunately do not have a tag though they have owner) were shot 😦 Plus, I read before that the market nearby sells DOG MEAT! @%$@*#& But I’m not sure if they’re still selling it now.

Anw, one more month to go.. *keeps finger crossed*


Goodbye, my baby dotter May 18, 2010

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On my 19th birthday, I got the best birthday present ever! I named them Beebee (the brown one) and BooBoo (the black one).

I always think BeeBee is veryyyy pretty. And I still do think so. This is the prettiest pic of her which I never, ever gets bored staring at.

She stays still when I caress her. And she even sleeps on my palm sometimes. When I feed her on my palm, she eats on the spot instead of hiding all the food in her mouth. Her cuteness is indescribable! Especially her black beady eyes.

But after 2 years plus, she seems to have gotten older. She used to be FAT. My grandma even calls her “fei poh”. But slowly, she lost weight. She doesn’t eat much. And when she does, she eats really slow. I have to peel the sunflower seeds and break them into small pieces for her. Her movements also became slower, got less active.

On 16th May 2010, 11pm, BooBoo came out from the coconut but there seems to be no movement from BeeBee. So I took out her fave coconut and saw her sleeping inside, motionless. Her body has hardened a little. The last time I checked on her was at 6pm and she was still walking around that time.

Dear Beebee, you’ll always be loved and missed by mommy. May you rest in peace. Below is one of her last photos taken.