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The Glutton August 21, 2010

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I have no self-control when it comes to desserts. And desserts are so really gonna make me broke. I’m hunting for Euro notes now for my Europe trip and took the effort to walk one hour and a half to Tesco’s travel money outlet.. only to find they only have high rates online. But since I’m at Tesco (it’s a big one in the outskirts), might as well have a look around. That’s when I spotted..

CARAMEL PUDDING!! I loveeeeee caramel. Cos it’s super sweeeeet. Lols. That makes me sweet XP

This is not from Tesco. Haha. But it’s a bargain from Thornton’s! It’s gonna expire in 31st Oct (still a long time more) and thus, was sold half price at £3.50 only!

Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream is super nice! Trust me!! It was originally £4 per tub.. but Tesco, Iceland and Sainsbury are all competing (let them be.. consumers will be happier that way XD) And Tesco’s selling them at £1.99 per tub!! Do enlarge the pic and read the description on what each tub contains (:

Before I came to the UK, I bought this Brownie version in Bolehland and it tastes yucky! I don’t remember finishing it.. haha In fact, I only remembered I bought it and left it in the freeze after I got to UK. Not sure if they still have this original version in Bolehland cos I can’t find it in Jusco that time.

Guess what? IT’S CARAMEL AGAIN! Haha. Ice blended caramel coffee! You see, I was walking.. and walking.. and felt hungry.. and Starbucks appeared right in front of my eyes as though God has sent me an angel XD So? SAPULAH! Haha.

Victoria sponge cake from Strabucks. VERY NAISSS!

OK. Enough of desserts. I shall show off my cooking. Haha. It tastes nice okay! Perhaps not so impressive at look. But hey, it’s my first time! Huhu. Bought a packet of fish fillet (It’s hard to find fresh fish in the city centre T.T) and thus, all fish dishes! Haha.

Curry fish fillet. The curry powder’s not so nice. I need curry paste! But was worried it couldn’t get past the custom so I didn’t bring those T.T

Steamed fish with coriander and lotsa mushrooms! (My housemate and I are mushroom lovers! XD)

Sweet and sour fish (I passed! I’m gonna cook it and make my family eat it when I’m back!) We only cook with what we have, thus onions only XD The cucumbers here are weird anyway. I don’t like them. It’s.. erm.. soft.. and it just doesn’t have the fresh cucumber smell when you cut it!

My favouritest of my favourite part has arrived…

I SWEAR this is my last piece of clothing I’m gonna shop in UK. Haha. Like I’ve mentioned before.. I’m soooo in love with Jane Norman’s clothes. They’re all pretty and has good quality. Unlike certain brands which sells their clothes damn expensive and has poor, thin quality (well, u’ll figure those brands out if you’re here) But Jane Norman’s clothes are expensive unless they have discount.. and this is what I got! Teehee.

From £40, it was discounted to £12! (: But there’s only one piece left. The girl helped me to contact other branches to see if there’s any other available but nope. And so, I’m gonna wear it to the dinner! Huhu though I did bring a dress here myself.

Black cat heels to match my dress (: I love love love the dress and the shoe! XD


NikeID Studio August 9, 2010

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This “shopping” post is not for myself.. but for my brother. I was trying to get a pair of shoes for my bro.. and being a fussy guy, it’s so hard to find shoes which suit his taste. And so, I opt for NikeID! I think it’s best for him to customise his own shoes with whatsoever design, colour and material he likes.

I’m not sure if NikeID studio’s available in Malaysia but when I googled, it says it’s only available in Singapore. Anw, I asked my bro to design it himself and list down every single materials and colours he chose @http://nikeid.nike.com. With the info, I went to NikeID studio and had the shoe designed.

Receipt’s sealed in the black envelope and it’s so damn cool! A card with the design printed on it is given and on its reverse side, the designer name and detail of the shoe is printed. It’s as though the shoe has a birth cert! ^.^ I have to wait 4 weeks for it though. Might take a shorter period (fingers crossed), otherwise I have to rush to the shop after my Spain trip.

Btw, this costs £110. The price varies depending on the design chosen. Ooooh! I forgot another kewl part of this shoe.. you can have your name sewed on the shoeeeee! Or whatsoever name you wish to have on it. ^.^ Love love love it! Though it’s not mine *pokes pokes*

I was in EDINBURGH! July 18, 2010

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Another trip post to update.. EDINBURGH! I followed the 3 days 2 nights Edinburgh trip organised by student union and the Budget Backpackers Hostel was impressive (: Clean bathrooms, colourful walls and doors, kitchen provided, breakfast provided and helpful staffs at the reception! ^.^

If you’re a Harry Potter fan (I mean the books), you’ll LOVE this place! Apparently, JK Rowling started writing parts of her book and got her inspiration from Edinburgh. At some point, I felt like I’ve stepped into Diagon Alley! But of course, there’s no MAGICAL shops. They do have a witchery shop and a joke shop though (and they’re located on a winding street!).

To all the guides, I present to you… FLORAL CLOCK! Ahh~ 100 years of guiding.. brings back sweet secondary school memories (: Guides camp.. Bonfire night.. guides gathering.. Saturday night dance.. Thinking Day.. ^.^

I set out to hunt for this clock.. only to take picture of it, walk past it, and not knowing this was the floral clock I’ve been looking for! Lols. Ended up searching the entire park for it and asked lotsa people bout it. The reason this clock’s unique is because of the flowers.. AND IT ACTUALLY WORKS! Huhu. The cuckoo bird even pops out every 15 minutes (:

Tried some of the local food for dinner and it is delicious! Planned to dine at Greyfriar’s Bobby but the kitchen was closed that night due to some sort of live concert so we ended up at Crag & Tail (which was more expensive). Not complaining though. Friendly waitresses and yummy food!

Loveeeee this dessert (I love all desserts, actually XD). It’s called Cranachan. A local Scottish dessert made of cream, honey, oats, whisky, raspberry and raspberry sauce (:

It’s a MUST-TRY drink in Scotland, as Richard says. XD Got it from the hostel’s vending machine for only 50p. (: It actually tastes like carbonated rose syrup.. which is orange in colour. Kinda weird since the colour and taste don’t match XD

You can’t say you’ve been to Scotland without taking a pic with the locals in kilt or buying the kilt yourself! And I think he knows the reason why I’m taking pic with him XD

Spotted this while heading to the Scott Monument. Abso loveeeee! Would’ve bought it is the price’s not so mad expensive! T.T The cat’s eyes are really pretty. It’s like a stone with life.. hmm.. maybe it’s some sort of enchanted cat. Ahh~ This place is just so magical. Even the shoes look magical! Lols.

I went hiking (OMG! I’m definitely sick in the head! This is my 2nd time in UK!) to Arthur’s Seat on my last day. Just a brief intro of it.. Arthur’s Seat used to be a volcano. And by Arthur, it’s referring to King Arthur. I don’t remember the roman numerics in his name (if there’s any) but it’s that King Arthur with the mythical excalibur sword XD

Anw, we went there ourselves at 10am since Richard’s only departing at 11am. BUT.. we took the wrong route. We’re supposed to take the left route which is much easier. Ended up on the right route which is SUPER steep. 10 minutes of hike almost killed me! SERIOUSLY. I was panting like hell! Then my friend was like, “I wonder if Richard’s here yet. He told us to keep left twice.” And I stared at him dumbfoundedly, reminding him we’re on the RIGHT ROUTE. Then he thought about it a while.. AND WE WENT BACK TO OUR STARTING POINT TO TAKE THE LEFT ROUTE INSTEAD! ZOMG.

‘Zis is St Anthony’s Chapel (which is on the left route). The view at the top of Arthur’s Seat was breathtaking though! 360 degree view of Edinburgh! ^.^

Oh! And there’s one thing bout Edinburgh – don’t bother going out for night view. The lights were off at 12am (if I’m not mistaken). Lols. We went to Calton Hill at night thinking that we’ll get a NICE view.. BUT IT’S ALL DARK! Except for the spotlight shining upon the Athenian acropolis. Anyway, I was super disappointed. Plus, we need a DSLR to take nice pic of Edinburgh’s night view from the hill top. T.T

So that’s a VERY BRIEF summary of my Edinburgh trip XD Cos I still do have tonnes of pics.. but it’s best not to post them all or I’ll reach my photo space limit in wordpress VERY soon.

Rewarding Myself May 9, 2010

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Went out to catch Iron Man 2 with kpy today and I got myself something.. as a reward for not spending at all for a reeeeeallllllly long time!

Maybelline’s Gel Liner! Wootz~! I wanted to try something new since my In2It liquid eyeliner’s almost finished. I do really like IN2It eyeliner but I am curious what gel liner would be like. Anw, I got this from Sasa for RM39.90.. and I REGRET it! Seriously! Went over to Watson after that and it’s RM32.80 there! !$@&!#@ I shall NEVER buy stuff from Sasa again! ROARRR.

There’s a brush inside too. But the bottle’s really tiny. I guess you can judge it from the pic XD Have not opened it yet though. But I guess it should be ok.

I have no intention of getting nail polish at first. Blame it on kpy for luring me into The Face Shop. It’s mad cheap can! RM2.95 per bottle (: And I guess it’s time I get some different colours since I have like 4 different shades of pink nail polish XD


I got this later on so I’ll just “tumpang” this post ‘cos I’m lazy to start a brand new post on this. I got them from Nose and I super love them! Ahohoho~