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Money fell from the sky! August 26, 2010

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Teehee~ I’ve been to Leo Casino twice now. And I won free moneyyyy! Teehee. Cos newcomers get free vouchers to play. It used to be blackjack (in which you’ll only get a ticket). But I went there late.. and I got vouchers for 3 rounds of roulette game! Cant use up all vouchers in a day though. So I’ll be visiting the casino three times. Huhu.

The first time, my friend played for me.. Won £8 so I gave him £1 tips. Lols. Yesterday, I won £8 again! ^.^ Happy~ But if you’re really really lucky, the max you can win (from the free chips) is £350!! AHHHHH~! But I’m not one who’s lucky with gambling. So I’m contented even with £8. Huhu.

Ohh! And if you go to the casino on Sunday night, there’s two session of free buffet at 12.30am or 1.30am.  It’s better to go at 1.30am cos no one will chase you off, which is what I did. The food’s nice! Never been to TSOS but I heard the casino’s buffet is betetr than TSOS. Might as well eat the nicer free buffet than to pay £6 plus for a not so nice one XD

I shall go hunt for a nice pair of sunglasses with the money. Huhu. I got a pair from fossil yesterday at £22 but everyone, and I mean EVERYONE (including my mom) said the glasses are too big for my face. Wawa. How I wish I have a chubby face now ): (Oh, not forgetting two comments which says I look like a lalat with it -.-“) Anw, I refunded it.. and the amount was credited back to my account immediately (paid with debit card)! Huhu so efficient!

I die die must post the pic of me wearing my ex-sunglasses! Haha. *fingers crossed* May I get a pair of suitable sunglasses later. My friend told me there’s this CK sunglasses.. discounted from £97 to £22! OMFGBBQSAUCE!

Gotta run now. Teehee. Activities for the day – Class. Complimentary buffet by module leader. Class. SHOPPING! XD


The Glutton August 21, 2010

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I have no self-control when it comes to desserts. And desserts are so really gonna make me broke. I’m hunting for Euro notes now for my Europe trip and took the effort to walk one hour and a half to Tesco’s travel money outlet.. only to find they only have high rates online. But since I’m at Tesco (it’s a big one in the outskirts), might as well have a look around. That’s when I spotted..

CARAMEL PUDDING!! I loveeeeee caramel. Cos it’s super sweeeeet. Lols. That makes me sweet XP

This is not from Tesco. Haha. But it’s a bargain from Thornton’s! It’s gonna expire in 31st Oct (still a long time more) and thus, was sold half price at £3.50 only!

Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream is super nice! Trust me!! It was originally £4 per tub.. but Tesco, Iceland and Sainsbury are all competing (let them be.. consumers will be happier that way XD) And Tesco’s selling them at £1.99 per tub!! Do enlarge the pic and read the description on what each tub contains (:

Before I came to the UK, I bought this Brownie version in Bolehland and it tastes yucky! I don’t remember finishing it.. haha In fact, I only remembered I bought it and left it in the freeze after I got to UK. Not sure if they still have this original version in Bolehland cos I can’t find it in Jusco that time.

Guess what? IT’S CARAMEL AGAIN! Haha. Ice blended caramel coffee! You see, I was walking.. and walking.. and felt hungry.. and Starbucks appeared right in front of my eyes as though God has sent me an angel XD So? SAPULAH! Haha.

Victoria sponge cake from Strabucks. VERY NAISSS!

OK. Enough of desserts. I shall show off my cooking. Haha. It tastes nice okay! Perhaps not so impressive at look. But hey, it’s my first time! Huhu. Bought a packet of fish fillet (It’s hard to find fresh fish in the city centre T.T) and thus, all fish dishes! Haha.

Curry fish fillet. The curry powder’s not so nice. I need curry paste! But was worried it couldn’t get past the custom so I didn’t bring those T.T

Steamed fish with coriander and lotsa mushrooms! (My housemate and I are mushroom lovers! XD)

Sweet and sour fish (I passed! I’m gonna cook it and make my family eat it when I’m back!) We only cook with what we have, thus onions only XD The cucumbers here are weird anyway. I don’t like them. It’s.. erm.. soft.. and it just doesn’t have the fresh cucumber smell when you cut it!

My favouritest of my favourite part has arrived…

I SWEAR this is my last piece of clothing I’m gonna shop in UK. Haha. Like I’ve mentioned before.. I’m soooo in love with Jane Norman’s clothes. They’re all pretty and has good quality. Unlike certain brands which sells their clothes damn expensive and has poor, thin quality (well, u’ll figure those brands out if you’re here) But Jane Norman’s clothes are expensive unless they have discount.. and this is what I got! Teehee.

From £40, it was discounted to £12! (: But there’s only one piece left. The girl helped me to contact other branches to see if there’s any other available but nope. And so, I’m gonna wear it to the dinner! Huhu though I did bring a dress here myself.

Black cat heels to match my dress (: I love love love the dress and the shoe! XD

NikeID Studio August 9, 2010

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This “shopping” post is not for myself.. but for my brother. I was trying to get a pair of shoes for my bro.. and being a fussy guy, it’s so hard to find shoes which suit his taste. And so, I opt for NikeID! I think it’s best for him to customise his own shoes with whatsoever design, colour and material he likes.

I’m not sure if NikeID studio’s available in Malaysia but when I googled, it says it’s only available in Singapore. Anw, I asked my bro to design it himself and list down every single materials and colours he chose @http://nikeid.nike.com. With the info, I went to NikeID studio and had the shoe designed.

Receipt’s sealed in the black envelope and it’s so damn cool! A card with the design printed on it is given and on its reverse side, the designer name and detail of the shoe is printed. It’s as though the shoe has a birth cert! ^.^ I have to wait 4 weeks for it though. Might take a shorter period (fingers crossed), otherwise I have to rush to the shop after my Spain trip.

Btw, this costs £110. The price varies depending on the design chosen. Ooooh! I forgot another kewl part of this shoe.. you can have your name sewed on the shoeeeee! Or whatsoever name you wish to have on it. ^.^ Love love love it! Though it’s not mine *pokes pokes*

Hole in my pocket July 26, 2010

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I am officially broke. And there’s another problem which worries me.. Can I stuff all my things into my luggage bag without having it overweighted? T.T Here’s what I’ve gotten so far. Not a lot, really. I mean compared to those who shops like crazy.

Only £5 from Vogue! And it’s super kawaii! I like puffy puffy clothes ^.^ Plus, I’m really afraid of cold weather so I’m sure I’ll wear it (:

Also £5 from Vogue (: I have a sudden liking towards lace tops ^.^ And no, I’m not gonna wear this alone. It’s gonna be a two-piece top XD

Got this to be worn with the top above. It’s only £1 from Primark! Huhu.

2 for £5 from Vogue!! Really a bargain! Huhu. I’ve been looking for tees actually. Dunno what happened to my clothes but I seem to be running out of clothes to wear XD

This.. is the most expensive dress I’ve bought here. £11 from Primark (Atmosphere). But I think it’s worth it. I mean, even when I buy dresses in Bolehland, it’s plus minus RM55. Huhu. *self comfort to avoid feeling guilty to my purse*

From Primark too (: But it’s only £2.. so I think it’s worth it. Huhu.

I LOVE POLKA DOTS! AND I LOVE THE BOW AT THE BACK!! It was reduced from £5 to £2! ^.^ And I got another white spaghetti strap top to be worn inside.. the spaghetti strap top is only £1! Huhu.

This is prolly my latest favourite. My first ever (perhaps last ever) top from Jane Norman (: 70% discount can!! It’s only £9.50 when I got it! Huhu I can wear it to work or wear it out for fun. There were other clothes I like in Jane Norman.. which I’m sure my mom will love them too! But.. New Arrival leh.. -.-” costs £28.. which I think is too expensive T.T


First hike in UK! July 4, 2010

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I’ve walked the “longest road in my life” ever since I came to Liverpool! Everyday’s about walking. Half an hour to uni.. half an hour back.. Extra time if I wanna shop for stuffs or if I wanna go to Avril Robarts. The greatest walk so far if my walk to Sefton park which took 6 hours of non-stop walk.. which is more than 5 miles. Lols. But you know what? That’s not enough. So I went to Lake District, and hiked 1 1/2 hours up hill.. and another hour downhill.

It was a long and tiring journey! I was half dead when I reached the waterfall. And then RW told us there’s a lake further on.. which takes about another 15 minutes hike. When I saw the lake at last, I was SUPER happy. I ACTUALLY SCREAMED! XD

One thing to becareful though.. COW DUNG. Lols. It’s EVERYWHERE! Goat’s dung too. But those aren’t so disgusting as it’s tiny and round.. like chocolate chips. Lols. Because there’s so many of it.. we went shit-observing. Like how healthy the cow is XD The path reminds me of NS though. Rocky path with lotsa cow dung. Lucky we don’t need to jog.

Here’s a souvenir. A fresh one (: I forgot to upload a pic but apparently, Grassmere’s traditional gingerbread is very popular. I tried one, and NO, I don’t like it. I don’t like ginger to begin with. But since I’m there, I must at least try it. And my friend got Ginger Chocolate which was even worst. Ginger lovers will love it though. There’s a really strong ginger taste. I was hoping to try gingerbread man.. but they dun make gingerbread mans ):

Next stop was Windermere. I didn’t take the cruise ride. It’s cheap actually. £6.20 after student discount for a 45 minute ride. I chose to explore the place myself instead. Hmm.. not much. Lotsa ice-cream stalls. I found this super cheap stall, the cheapest, actually. £1.50 plus a chocolate stick and we can pour the topping ourselves. Unlimited topping. Teehee. Others range from £1.70 – £2 and we cant pour the topping ourselves. Oh yea. And there’s lotsa SWANS! Ducks too.. but ducks do not interest me with the existence of swans (I went quacky in Sefton Park cos there weren’t any swans there!)

I’m glad I sold my Snowdonia tickets. I don’t wanna hike second round! Lols.

On a completely different topic, I couldn’t control my temptation and bought my first (ready made) dessert! (Ice-cream’s not counted XD)

Yum yum~ Bought it from Sayers and it’s called Cornflake Nest ^.^ But I’m sure mommy can make better ones. Huhu I’m gonna ask her to make it when I’m back home.

And my skin’s getting REALLLLYYYYY dry here due to the weather. Saw this promotion in TBS so I went to get myself the body butter. And there’s discount for foot deodoriser! Haha never tried it before but it’s on discount too. So? BELILAH! XD

I know it’s cheaper in Malaysia when they have 70% discount.. but I dunno when they’ll have it and I need it NOW. Anw, it’s £5 each and I get a small (really small) sample of Shea shower cream.

Rewarding Myself May 9, 2010

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Went out to catch Iron Man 2 with kpy today and I got myself something.. as a reward for not spending at all for a reeeeeallllllly long time!

Maybelline’s Gel Liner! Wootz~! I wanted to try something new since my In2It liquid eyeliner’s almost finished. I do really like IN2It eyeliner but I am curious what gel liner would be like. Anw, I got this from Sasa for RM39.90.. and I REGRET it! Seriously! Went over to Watson after that and it’s RM32.80 there! !$@&!#@ I shall NEVER buy stuff from Sasa again! ROARRR.

There’s a brush inside too. But the bottle’s really tiny. I guess you can judge it from the pic XD Have not opened it yet though. But I guess it should be ok.

I have no intention of getting nail polish at first. Blame it on kpy for luring me into The Face Shop. It’s mad cheap can! RM2.95 per bottle (: And I guess it’s time I get some different colours since I have like 4 different shades of pink nail polish XD


I got this later on so I’ll just “tumpang” this post ‘cos I’m lazy to start a brand new post on this. I got them from Nose and I super love them! Ahohoho~