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Home “Bitter” Home September 30, 2010

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I’m finally back in Bolehland and I missed Liverpool damn much! I missed everything there! The friendly people, the nice weather, the dog which loves to sit in the middle of the road while ignoring everyone else (my coursemate created a fb page for it), and my darling superlambananas (:

I seriously dislike the hot weather here! Ahhhh! And life has been so meaningless now that I’ve lost my aim. Lols. Back when I was in Liverpool, I have an aim that kept me going – superlambanana hunting! I’d walk for hours just to find for a superlambanana i.e. 6 hours walk to Royal Hospital, Edge Hill and Women’s Hospital or 3 hours walk to South Parkway station. And I’m proud to say I’ve found 58 superlambananas despite having them all relocated as they are now private property.

I stole this pic from Madu’s blog XD But hey, this is my album in facebook! So I have the right to use it. Huhu. Anw, it was really mad crazy. All my friends know how obsessed I am with it. They’ll inform me and tag me whenever they found new lambananas. And I’d go to forums and google to find the lambananas whereabouts. To save money, I’ll drag my friends to hunt for these lambananas by foot with me, along with my hand-drawn map XD But it’s not a bad thing to be so obsessed.

Because of these lambananas, I learned to draw maps.
Because of these lambananas, I learned to read maps.
Because of these lambananas, I discovered places in Liverpool which a normal student wouldn’t go.
Because of these lambananas, I won the photography competition by my uni.
Because of these lambananas, I met really nice locals.
Because of these lambananas, my life’s so much more interesting!

I spent my last night in Liverpool in Hampton by Hilton hotel. It’s just Hampton but when I googled it, “by Hilton” seems to be in its name too. Hmm.. afterall, Hilton’s really popular so I think they need to let people know XD

Anw, I think the hotel’s amazing! perhaps it’s because I’ve been staying in hostels too much. But the price is reasonable. It’s even cheaper than a hostel in London! And they serve yummy breakfast (: I super like their scrambled eggs and baked beans (:

I’m just lousy with angles so the room ended up looking somewhat tiny here. Huhu. Anw, all good things come to an end~

And I have to stuff my luggage with all the stuffs I bought for the past 3 months.

And also hand carried a shoebox-full of candies and chocolates home XD

I was damn worried my luggage will be overweight. I came with around 26kg or 27kg check-in luggage and asked Madu to bring another smaller bag for me when he came. And I went back with 36kg check-in luggage. Fuhhh. Lucky I have 40kg baggage allowance! (: So everything ended well. I’m super glad I didn’t have to pay or throw anything away. Huhu.

*sigh* everything seems like a dream now. I’m melting in Bolehland.. and living like a zombie without aim. Lols.


Farewell, LJMU~ August 31, 2010

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3 months’ REALLYYYYY short. With our packed schedule of exams, assignments, and trips, every single second is precious! Anw, my 3 months have ended ): Awww. I like it in Liverpool. People are friendly (cos I was lucky enough to not meet the bad ones, which some of my friends met), the weather is nice cos I don’t have to sweat and stink 😛 PLUS, that’d mean NO MORE JANE NORMAN! OR SHOPPING AFTER CLASS! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! THE HORRORRRRR. XD

Uni organised a farewell ball for us in Adelphi on 31st August, immediately after our exam. It’s a night to remember (: I don’t remember having so much fun. But the buffet meal’s terrible. Since the buffet hall couldn’t possibly serve all of us, we have to take turns to queue and the first batch who went in gets to take as many desserts as they like. But when it’s our turn, apparently they realised there won’t be enough desserts and limit us to one dessert per person! *@^#*&@&*$@

It’s BUFFET! So that’s what it’s called. I didn’t know buffet LIMITS people to what they take! RAWR.

Nevertheless, it was still fun. Lotsa dancing after the dinner. Even our lecturers danced along! ^.^ Oh! And I randomly submitted some pictures for the photography competition.. and I won! Lols. 2nd prize for the “My memories in UK” category XD Here’s the photo I’ve submitted XD

Guess there’s a good reason for being over obsessed with these lambananas XD Won a book on photography of the waterfront.. which is super heavy and i don’t wanna bring it backkk! 😛

I’ll be backpacking to Paris and Spain tomorrow onwards. Damn ganjeong can! Must store luggage in the morning and run off to catch my flight to Paris d. Huhu. But more updates to come.. cos my hostels in Paris and Spain has wi-fi! (:

Money fell from the sky! August 26, 2010

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Teehee~ I’ve been to Leo Casino twice now. And I won free moneyyyy! Teehee. Cos newcomers get free vouchers to play. It used to be blackjack (in which you’ll only get a ticket). But I went there late.. and I got vouchers for 3 rounds of roulette game! Cant use up all vouchers in a day though. So I’ll be visiting the casino three times. Huhu.

The first time, my friend played for me.. Won £8 so I gave him £1 tips. Lols. Yesterday, I won £8 again! ^.^ Happy~ But if you’re really really lucky, the max you can win (from the free chips) is £350!! AHHHHH~! But I’m not one who’s lucky with gambling. So I’m contented even with £8. Huhu.

Ohh! And if you go to the casino on Sunday night, there’s two session of free buffet at 12.30am or 1.30am.  It’s better to go at 1.30am cos no one will chase you off, which is what I did. The food’s nice! Never been to TSOS but I heard the casino’s buffet is betetr than TSOS. Might as well eat the nicer free buffet than to pay £6 plus for a not so nice one XD

I shall go hunt for a nice pair of sunglasses with the money. Huhu. I got a pair from fossil yesterday at £22 but everyone, and I mean EVERYONE (including my mom) said the glasses are too big for my face. Wawa. How I wish I have a chubby face now ): (Oh, not forgetting two comments which says I look like a lalat with it -.-“) Anw, I refunded it.. and the amount was credited back to my account immediately (paid with debit card)! Huhu so efficient!

I die die must post the pic of me wearing my ex-sunglasses! Haha. *fingers crossed* May I get a pair of suitable sunglasses later. My friend told me there’s this CK sunglasses.. discounted from £97 to £22! OMFGBBQSAUCE!

Gotta run now. Teehee. Activities for the day – Class. Complimentary buffet by module leader. Class. SHOPPING! XD

The Glutton August 21, 2010

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I have no self-control when it comes to desserts. And desserts are so really gonna make me broke. I’m hunting for Euro notes now for my Europe trip and took the effort to walk one hour and a half to Tesco’s travel money outlet.. only to find they only have high rates online. But since I’m at Tesco (it’s a big one in the outskirts), might as well have a look around. That’s when I spotted..

CARAMEL PUDDING!! I loveeeeee caramel. Cos it’s super sweeeeet. Lols. That makes me sweet XP

This is not from Tesco. Haha. But it’s a bargain from Thornton’s! It’s gonna expire in 31st Oct (still a long time more) and thus, was sold half price at £3.50 only!

Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream is super nice! Trust me!! It was originally £4 per tub.. but Tesco, Iceland and Sainsbury are all competing (let them be.. consumers will be happier that way XD) And Tesco’s selling them at £1.99 per tub!! Do enlarge the pic and read the description on what each tub contains (:

Before I came to the UK, I bought this Brownie version in Bolehland and it tastes yucky! I don’t remember finishing it.. haha In fact, I only remembered I bought it and left it in the freeze after I got to UK. Not sure if they still have this original version in Bolehland cos I can’t find it in Jusco that time.

Guess what? IT’S CARAMEL AGAIN! Haha. Ice blended caramel coffee! You see, I was walking.. and walking.. and felt hungry.. and Starbucks appeared right in front of my eyes as though God has sent me an angel XD So? SAPULAH! Haha.

Victoria sponge cake from Strabucks. VERY NAISSS!

OK. Enough of desserts. I shall show off my cooking. Haha. It tastes nice okay! Perhaps not so impressive at look. But hey, it’s my first time! Huhu. Bought a packet of fish fillet (It’s hard to find fresh fish in the city centre T.T) and thus, all fish dishes! Haha.

Curry fish fillet. The curry powder’s not so nice. I need curry paste! But was worried it couldn’t get past the custom so I didn’t bring those T.T

Steamed fish with coriander and lotsa mushrooms! (My housemate and I are mushroom lovers! XD)

Sweet and sour fish (I passed! I’m gonna cook it and make my family eat it when I’m back!) We only cook with what we have, thus onions only XD The cucumbers here are weird anyway. I don’t like them. It’s.. erm.. soft.. and it just doesn’t have the fresh cucumber smell when you cut it!

My favouritest of my favourite part has arrived…

I SWEAR this is my last piece of clothing I’m gonna shop in UK. Haha. Like I’ve mentioned before.. I’m soooo in love with Jane Norman’s clothes. They’re all pretty and has good quality. Unlike certain brands which sells their clothes damn expensive and has poor, thin quality (well, u’ll figure those brands out if you’re here) But Jane Norman’s clothes are expensive unless they have discount.. and this is what I got! Teehee.

From £40, it was discounted to £12! (: But there’s only one piece left. The girl helped me to contact other branches to see if there’s any other available but nope. And so, I’m gonna wear it to the dinner! Huhu though I did bring a dress here myself.

Black cat heels to match my dress (: I love love love the dress and the shoe! XD

Meteor Shower! August 12, 2010

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No.. I didn’t see it. But there’s supposed to be meteor shower in the east (which unfortunately is not the direction my room’s facing). Anw, I’ve decided to stay home and eat nectarines cos it’s freaking cold outside! Some went to Albert Dock and some went to Everton Hill to catch the meteor shower. Weather’s starting to change lately and it’s extremelyyyyy cold. Even with the sun, the wind’s freezing cold and strong.

There, I took the effort to post a short update XD Shall go back to my ever boring black and white notes. Exam’s on Monday. Damn. Time flies. Just one more module left after this exam ): The thought of going job hunting freaks me out!


NikeID Studio August 9, 2010

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This “shopping” post is not for myself.. but for my brother. I was trying to get a pair of shoes for my bro.. and being a fussy guy, it’s so hard to find shoes which suit his taste. And so, I opt for NikeID! I think it’s best for him to customise his own shoes with whatsoever design, colour and material he likes.

I’m not sure if NikeID studio’s available in Malaysia but when I googled, it says it’s only available in Singapore. Anw, I asked my bro to design it himself and list down every single materials and colours he chose @http://nikeid.nike.com. With the info, I went to NikeID studio and had the shoe designed.

Receipt’s sealed in the black envelope and it’s so damn cool! A card with the design printed on it is given and on its reverse side, the designer name and detail of the shoe is printed. It’s as though the shoe has a birth cert! ^.^ I have to wait 4 weeks for it though. Might take a shorter period (fingers crossed), otherwise I have to rush to the shop after my Spain trip.

Btw, this costs £110. The price varies depending on the design chosen. Ooooh! I forgot another kewl part of this shoe.. you can have your name sewed on the shoeeeee! Or whatsoever name you wish to have on it. ^.^ Love love love it! Though it’s not mine *pokes pokes*

An eventful day @ Liverpool! August 8, 2010

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I’ve had the best day ever! Lols. Went out since the morn for Liverpool Pride. A lesbian, gay, bisexual & transgender festival (LGB&T). Started with a parade from St George’s Plateau to Dale St.

Definitely can’t find something like this in Bolehland. I’m not again LGB&T.. In fact, I do support them. I mean, some of them were just born that way. And it’s not like they’re hurting anyone by loving who they love. Though I know religions forbid it. But I shall not delve into that. Anw, it’s great to see how open they are and being accepted by others. Many shops did participate in this event too by having rainbow coloured items on display or rainbow coloured stickers on the glass window of their shops (rainbow’s the them for this event). Even my uni participated in it.

There were stage performances (3 stages) and lotsa food stalls in Dale St. The whole street was jam packed with people, drinking beer, chatting away, dancing and cheering to the performances.

Next stop at the Pier Head! It’s freaking COLDDDD! It’s always cold in Liverpool.. Though I’m here for summer, there’s only one week of REAL summer where the sun really burns the skin. Anw, the event here is called “Live at the Waterfront”. There were various performances such as Spanish, French, Italian, Turkish, Chinese, African etc dances.

These 2 cupids go around kissing people and chasing kids. Lols. One of them chased Eve for her brand new umbrella, and Eve ran away damn fast! XD I forgot what dance is it in the pic below. But everyone got WET watching it. Front row will definitely get wet cos they splashed water. Even the people at the back got wet cos towards the end of the show, they ran down with a water sprayer and make sure everyone’s WET.

This is probably the most AMAZING performance ever – Voala project! There’s a crane to carry all the performers up. You have to watch it yourself to know how amazing it was! The dancers were performing high up in the sky. I think it’ll be really fun if I can try it! But very dangerous too. Huhu.

And so, with this 2 events, I spent my whole Saturday outside. AHHHHHHHH! Now I have a lot of catch up to do with my Inuyasha XD I’ve just started watching it cos I’ve always been BUSY before this. XD

Makan makan time! August 6, 2010

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I’ve always loved buffet (I only have my eyes on the desserts actually XD). One thing bout UK is that you see lotsa buffet all over the place.. but it’s chinese buffet. And their chinese buffet is just like economy rice in Bolehland. It took me realllll long to find this..

WORLD BUFFET! It has Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Mexican, Indian and Italian food! With some very pretty desserts too ^.^ My friend went first and he told me the service is great! Friendly and efficient waiters and waitresses.

I THINK it’s mongolian something something mussel. Haha it’s nice.. and fresh! Go eat mussels kaokao and what you pay will definitely be worth it XD Anw, I took a little bit of everything to try its taste. There’s a variety of sauce there too.. the mango sauce is NAISS!

There’s still some food I didn’t manage to try. Like pizzas and pastas. But I’m contented. Bwahahhaha MY FAVOURITE FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD. Desserts!! Damn pretty can! ^.^

I was really bloated at the end of the 2-hours meal. Serious indigestion. Lols. And I managed to skip dinner that day XD

UK’s Kay-elle August 4, 2010

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Went to London for a 3 days 2 nights trip. Hmm.. I don’t really like that place. Only went there cos everyone’s like.. “You must go London if you’re in UK!” Anw, it’s just like KL. But they do have cleaner air. Tube’s dirty. Everywhere’s crowded with people. Drivers aren’t as nice as in Liverpool. They’re all in a hurry. Double deckers are scary as they still seem to be speeding when they turn the corner.

We did visit all the popular attractions. The free ones. Lols. Didn’t pay for those requiring admission fees (means no Madam Tussauds!) Huhu. The first day, we checked in around 3pm. So not much time left for the day. Went to Oxford Street and Chinatown. Hurried back to Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens at night with the aim to find the Peter Pan statue (there’s one in Sefton Park, Liverpool too). The park is HUGE I tell you! It seems to take forever to walk in the park. By the time we found the statue, it was all dark ): Might get Madu to bring me there again since I’m going to London for 2 days again after my backpacking trip.

Second day’s top agenda is BUCKINGHAM PALACE! People are crazy (which means we are too XD). Changing of guards begins at 11.30am.. there were lotsa people there at 10am! So what choice do we have but to join in the crowd and secure a nice place in front? You seriously can’t see anything from the back. Am happy that I manage to record videos and take pictures of the red guards ^.^

Can they really see? I’m reallyyyyyy curious! Huhu. Second day’s a BUSYYY day! After Buckingham Palace, we walked to Westminster Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, lunch, Parliament, Big Ben, London’s Eye, Tate Modern, dinner and lastly, the Tower Bridge! What amazes us is that.. when we looked at the map, we actually walked from one end of the map to the other end of the map!! Our hostel was in Bayswater which is at the opposite end of Tower Bridge -.-”

And we waited for the sky to be dark. By then.. we freaked out COS THERE’S NO BUSES BACK TO BAYSWATER! *&#$^(*#&$)# According to the map, it’ll take us more than 3 hours to walk back -.-” Lucky though, the tube closes at 12am. Ran to the station and paid £4 for the single journey. Should’ve gotten the day travel card T.T It’s only £5.60!

Anw, we self-comforted and said we wouldn’t have seen this if we left early. So the £4 is worth it XD

Tower Bridge closed for the ship to pass (: Day 3, we got the day travelcard! Lols. Went to the Natural History Museum, V&A Museum and Science Museum. Then dropped by Oxford St again for some of them to get some souvenirs. AND WE ALMOST MISSED OUR COACH BACK TO LIVERPOOL! Damn ganjeong can! I’m lazy to type the story here. But it’s a great experience! Lols.

Hole in my pocket July 26, 2010

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I am officially broke. And there’s another problem which worries me.. Can I stuff all my things into my luggage bag without having it overweighted? T.T Here’s what I’ve gotten so far. Not a lot, really. I mean compared to those who shops like crazy.

Only £5 from Vogue! And it’s super kawaii! I like puffy puffy clothes ^.^ Plus, I’m really afraid of cold weather so I’m sure I’ll wear it (:

Also £5 from Vogue (: I have a sudden liking towards lace tops ^.^ And no, I’m not gonna wear this alone. It’s gonna be a two-piece top XD

Got this to be worn with the top above. It’s only £1 from Primark! Huhu.

2 for £5 from Vogue!! Really a bargain! Huhu. I’ve been looking for tees actually. Dunno what happened to my clothes but I seem to be running out of clothes to wear XD

This.. is the most expensive dress I’ve bought here. £11 from Primark (Atmosphere). But I think it’s worth it. I mean, even when I buy dresses in Bolehland, it’s plus minus RM55. Huhu. *self comfort to avoid feeling guilty to my purse*

From Primark too (: But it’s only £2.. so I think it’s worth it. Huhu.

I LOVE POLKA DOTS! AND I LOVE THE BOW AT THE BACK!! It was reduced from £5 to £2! ^.^ And I got another white spaghetti strap top to be worn inside.. the spaghetti strap top is only £1! Huhu.

This is prolly my latest favourite. My first ever (perhaps last ever) top from Jane Norman (: 70% discount can!! It’s only £9.50 when I got it! Huhu I can wear it to work or wear it out for fun. There were other clothes I like in Jane Norman.. which I’m sure my mom will love them too! But.. New Arrival leh.. -.-” costs £28.. which I think is too expensive T.T