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Me <3 Prizes November 4, 2010

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Madu and I joined this video competition organised by Taylor’s. He’s the main cast, of course. And he plots what to do and stuff. It’s just a 30-sec video to show what’s your biggest fear.

But the annoying part is.. well, it’s a facebook competition. So you win by getting the most votes. Such competitions are NEVER fair. The most friends win, obviously. ARGHH. I spent the whole day sitting in front of my lappie to msg people in my list to “like” the video.

The good thing bout this competition is, I get to catch up with old friends 🙂 Ended up talking to them and catching up with their life. And I discovered who are the selfish people in my list and I shall NOT help them even if they need my help in the future. i.e. there was this girl who joined some competition like this before.. i helped her back then and now when I needed help, she ignored me! WTF RIGHT?! Damn selfish fella.

Oh! And there’s another girl.. I helped her click before too. But when I asked her to help me, she ignored me also. And after my competition ended, apparently she joined another competition and she has the face to ask me help her again! WTF MANN. I ignored her of course. Such selfish people do not deserve help!

There’s also lotsa nice friends though. I have many friends who not even helped me “like” the video. They helped me to promote too! That’s reallllly nice 🙂

Anw, we only ended up with the complimentary prize. Had 1k plus votes but still lost by 300+ votes. Nevertheless, I’m contented with a Carlo Rino bag! Other prizes include RM100 voucher for Tropicana Life and 1 month Muay Thai training for 2 persons.


Bad ETS First Time Experience October 16, 2010

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I am a loyal supporter of KTM intercity train esp KL-Ipoh as I find train a safer mean of transport (too many accidents in the highway with speeding or drunk bus drivers.. I can’t trust them!). But I was really unlucky. I went to the station on Tue to get Thurs’s tickets and we had this.. er.. frustrating conversation.


Me: Nak beli tiket hari Khamis.

Lady: Komputer rosak!

Me: Komputer rosak sampai malam kah?

Lady: Ya. Esok datang lagi.


Pffft. Wasted 30 minute parking fee! So I went there again the next day (Wed).


Lady: Komputer rosak.

Me: Masih rosak?! Semlm saya datang, orang tu kata hari ni boleh beli?

Lady: Komputer rosak. Datang lagi esok.

Me: Tak boleh reserve kah?

Lady: Tak boleh.

Me: Jadi guarantee ada ticket kah?

Lady: Ehh.. tak boleh.


Wth. HOW CAN YOU NOT HAVE A CONTINGENCY PLAN?! KOMPUTER ROSAK TAK PAYAH BUAT KERJA! Fuiisehhh! Anw, I went to the ETS counter (electric train). The girl there was friendlier and she said “GUARANTEE ADA TIKET!” lols. She even asked me to pakai lawa2 like my mom (cos I was lazy to change mine and I look like pasar malam ahsam XD) Pffft. Another 30 minute parking fee wasted.


SO, I went again the next day (an hour before the train departs) and I got the electric train ticket! Woohoo~! I was pretty excited. I rode Renfe’s train in Madrid and it was mad fast! I can’t remember the exact speed but I think it’s 300++ km/h.


BUT when I saw the train, I was disappointed. It doesn’t have the cool bullet exterior. It looks just like any other train except that it’s newer. And another major diff is that there’s a cafeteria in my compartment and they sell hot food (like rendang, bihun etc instead of junk food in  the normal trains).


Anw, I was hoping it’d go fastttt! Like the one in Madrid. But no. I was monitoring its speed on the TV. Fastest speed from Ipoh to Batu Gajah – 144km/h. Ooookay. So I thought, maybe cos the station’s too near so it didn’t have the chance to speed up. Again, no. After Batu Gajah, the fastest speed it went was 124km/h. ZOMG. Took about 2 hrs 30 min to reach KL Sentral. It’s like only 30 min faster. WHY WOULD I WANNA PAY EXTRA RM18 TO SAVE 30MINUTES?! So yea, no next time. I’m going for the normal trains.


On second thought though, perhaps they can’t go fast due to the uneven train tracks. Huhu. I think this reason is acceptable. Nevertheless, I’m not gonna take ETS again unless there’s no more tic for the normal trains! Huhu.

B.l.i.n.G. October 9, 2010

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I’ve seen lotsa people going to I-City but I didn’t know its name at first. I thought it was just a Christmas thing in Pavilion! Anw, I was amazed by those colourful LED lights (I have a thing for colours) and finally asked Madu to drive us there! Woohoo~!

Entrance fee is RM5 on Mon-Thurs and RM10 on Fri-Sun (per car). And when you pay RM5/RM10, you’ll get a cash-back voucher at the same price. The vouchers can be used to buy drinks or as admission fee into the Cold World or Safari in I-City. With one voucher, up to 5 person can use the voucher to enter the Cold World or Safari. If you’ve used the voucher and would like to enter either one, there’s an admission fee of RM2 per person.

I think the Safari’s not worth going to especially at night cos it’ll be kinda dark to actually take a pic of the animals’ statues. The Cold World is REALLY cold. They have lots of aircond in the room! And after the Cold World, there’s a chinese new year room with mandarin orange trees, squirrels and red tanglungs 🙂

It’s a little warm there cos.. well.. lights generate heat? Huhu. The area’s still kinda empty. Not sure what time the shops close but there’s a cafe and an ice-cream shop opened at night (that’s all I noticed as I was more interested in the bling blings!)

Despite going on a weekday, the crowd’s still huge after 8pm! I reached I-City at 7pm and it was so nice then. No crowds. I have the Cold World all to myself 🙂 I hope they’ll add a musical fountain in the future! Huhu. They do on the spotlights at 8.30pm and 10.30pm for about 5-10minutes. But it’s kinda boring cos there’s no colour XD or music.

Anw, it’s worth going if you like bling bling like meee! XD

My New ♥ August 29, 2010

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Remember my ex-sunglasses? Well, my friend told me there lotsa cheap ones in TK Maxx. Including calvin klein which was discounted from £100 plus to £15. So I checked out the shop and guess what? I SAW MIU MIU!!! OMG! And only for £39.99! It’s freaking cheappp! But the designs don’t suit me T.T It was too long. I did see one from Etienne Aigner.. Anw, I was afraid to buy wrongly again so I just snapped a pic of it.

Showed my friend’s the pic and they said that one’s not as big as the previous one! Woohoo~ So at night, I went to the shop again.. AND I COULDNT FIND IT!! T.T Btw, it’s only £11. ‘Cos there’s only one left when I checked it out in the day time.

Anw, feeling dejected, I went to the shop on the next day AGAIN.. but still couldn’t find that design I wanted and resorted to another Fossil sunglasses which was £10. Comments from friends? It’s too huge for me! *&@#%@#*#&

Went to the shop again a few days later and I saw lotsa Etienne Aigner pouch on the tray. OMG. NEW STOCK!! AND LOTSA ETIENNE AIGNER SUNGLASSES! Bwahahahha. Found the sunglasses I wanted.. but the price has been increased to £14.99. I think it’s still cheap. Teehee. And this is my new baby ^.^

Tadaaa~ Lovelovelovelovelove ^.^ Do check out TK Maxx if you’re in UK. There’s lotsa discounted branded stuffs there but you might have to dig them out. XD

Protected: Changes in Life June 23, 2010

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May 27, 2010

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It’s pretty depressing when there’s so many of them flying off to UK in these few days while I’m stuck in BolehLand, preparing for my ICSA exams 😦 Thinking of the cooling weather there~ The completely different environment~ AHHH! It’ll be so much fun there. I.Cant.Wait!

I have seriously lost the mood to study. AHHHH! 3 more days to go! Having my CFM on Tuesday, CG on Wednesday and CA on Thursday.. and I’ll be off on Friday! Woohoo~!

Hello Kitty, Love! May 16, 2010

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I created a new email to correspond with formal stuffs. Was chatting with Madu and he said something like “Get hellokitty!” I was confused. Anw, went to google it and I found… sanriotown!

So I now have a hellokitty email! Haha. But of course, I’m not gonna use this for future job application XD Anw, sanriotown it’s really nice! They have blog, games and a forum for hellokitty lovers XD