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Hello Toledo! September 16, 2010

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I can’t remember how far is it from Madrid.. Maybe an hour train ride from Madrid. Huhu. We took a bus up to Zocodover which was easy since we don’t have to climb up. But as we walk.. and walk.. we somehow walked down and it was too early to leave so we have to climb our way up again T.T

Toledo is like a hill. You know you see in those old shows.. it’s like a hugeee brick castle.. and they have winding road going uphill. Something like that. Huhu. Anw, this place is famous for its weapon and armor making. So it’s not suprising that 50% of the shops there sell swords (real swords), suit of armor or kitchen knives XD

This is my souvenir for mommy ^.^ It’s actually used to eat fruits and I thought it’s pretty cute (: I was surveying the price all over and the cheapest I found was €9.60. You can get lotsa sword-like letter opener too which costs below €10, depending on their length/size.

The scenery’s nice and all. Oh! One thing which is weird is that.. there’s no toilets *curse curse curse* Only restaurants have it and if you’re not their customer, they won’t allow you to use it! Lucky though, there’s McD! XD

And I was practically freezing there cos Madu told me it’s warm. Warmer than Madrid.. which turns out to be wrong. I WAS FREAKING COLD THERE IN TOLEDO! Rawr. Thus, a bad day for me. Tchh.


Hello Madrid! September 12, 2010

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“Donde ai aseos?”

My favourite phrase in Spain which means ‘Where is the toilet?’ XD

I think Madrid is a beautiful place. I must especially praise their public transport – train. It was incredibly clean and new! Which is incomparable to Paris *pfft* And who says if you get cheap flight, it’ll cost you a lot to get to the city center? Huhu it’s only €2 to get to the city from the airport. I’d recommend Hostal Residencial Rober to stay. It’s a veryyy clean and nice place with friendly staffs.

When I first stepped out of the airport, I saw a fat lady statue. I think she somehow reminded me of an opera singer XD But after googling it, I found out that Fernando Botero is famous for making fat statues.. and I found 2 of them in Madrid!

Sexayyyyyyyy. Lols.

I was dragged to.. the plaza de toros to watch bullfight. All the while, I have no idea that bulls are killed in bullfighting until Madu told me. It was CRUEL! Poor poor toros. I noticed lotsa people only watched one round and they left the stadium. There’s a total of 6 rounds and 3 bull fighters.

This is the opening ceremony. All the members marched out to the stadium before the bullfight began. Madu was pretty excited with the whole thing. But I ended up snapping pics of the sky and brushing up my spanish. Anything but to watch the bull being tortured to death. Wuwuu. Anw, I think Barcelona did it right to ban bullfighting. I know it’s their culture and all.. but I think most of the audiences there are tourists and not locals. So it’s not really like some sort of traditional thing if the locals hardly come to watch it.

Moving on to less depressing stuffs, here’s San Miguel’s market! There’s lotsa food stalls and dessert stalls inside. Oooh! fruit stalls too! I bought some really sweet cherries (:

And we took a 2½ hours Segway tour. It was funnnn! I was pretty worried with the balancing stuffs at first. When I first rode it, I was like what if I can’t get it right? What if in the end I can’t ride it at all cos of my poor balancing? But after a while, I got used to it and it’s fun! To operate it, I just have to bend forward, backward or sideways (: No buttons, gears or anything.

Fun fun funnnn! I wish I could own one now! Huhu. We visited quite a lot of places but I can’t really remember their spanish names. The thing I remember the most is the statue of the literature Don Quixote de la Mancha. It’s about this guy Don Quixote who thought the windmill’s an evil giant and wants to fight it. I thought it’s pretty stupid when my tour guide told us the story. Lols.

We walked to the Retiro park as recommended by my Segway tour guide after the segway tour. It’s a nice place. AND I WANTED TO KAYAKKKK BUT MADU SAYS NOOOO T.T Aihhh. Sad betul.

I have horrible memories with food in Madrid too. I asked my segway tour guide for local food recommendations. Anyway, he did recommend that thing below.

It looks disgusting, no? But I managed to put them in my mouth. It’s squid and rice. I didn’t manage to finish it when I noticed the squid still has its intestines (or whatever you call it) inside. And later, I found out those black sauce is the squid’s ink. Gosh. I felt like puking. I can’t believe I ate it!

Another bad eating experience.. Paella mixta was nice (: Only thing is, I didn’t get a chance to eat the prawn. WTH RIGHT?! I kept the prawn last but it was a two course meal we’re eating. Madu finished his food and the waiter came (he can’t speak english). Anyway, he asked me to put down my fork and spoon. I told him I still wanna eat and he nodded (though I doubt he understood what I was saying). Then he asked me to put down my fork and spoon again.. AND HE COLLECTED MY PLATE.. WITH MY PRAWNS! *curse curse curse*

But he’s a nice waiter. He gave us free ice-cream and showed me each of the desserts cos we don’t understand him. And his name is Benetto. Huhu. Dang. We’re like bribed with ice-creams XD Anw, that’s it in Madrid (: Toledo’s next!

Desserts haven September 11, 2010

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My new FAVOURITE word on signboards in Paris – BOULANGER! PATTISERIE!

My FAVOURITE moment of the trip – DESSERTS!

That’s my sole purpose of going to Paris. I planned to stuff myself with desserts ’til I get bloated! ^.^ Anw, we got lost and couldn’t find Pierre Herme. That’s a really sad thing to begin my dessert hunting plan. Was looking forward to try its macarons since that’s what it’s famous for. So we proceeded on with our second dessert stop – Sadaharu Aoki! I ended up trying the macarons there. It’s so yummy! Tried some of its cakes too. It’s so pretty that you can’t resist it!

It was managed by a Japanese staff and she speaks little English.

The cakes are priced at €5.20 per slice.

Colourful macarons! Veryyyyyy naisss! We tried lemon, caramel, coffee, pistachio, blackcurrant.. erm.. I can’t remember the rest XD

Another place for desserts which you MUST go in Paris is Laduree! Also famous for macarons (:

Dining in is more expensive but the ambience there is great. They even have a bar with pink lights! FREAKING NICE I TELL YOU! ^.^ Anyway, I got some mini macarons (they have 2 sizes here) and a cake. They sell chocs too. AND THE QUEUE IS FREAKING LONGGG!

Cafe Angelina’s also a popular one. It’s famous for mont blanc and hot chocolate to be specific. So I decided to give it a try.. since I have never tried mont blanc anyway.

Mont blanc! Erm.. I don’t really like it.. it tastes like mooncake paste. And I don’t like mooncake. But lotsa ppl likes mooncake.. so I guess it’ll taste nice to them. Huhu.

Their hot chocolate.. one tiny jug like this is enough for two person. I shared with Madu and still couldn’t finish it. It’s too chocolatey. And I mean REALLY chocolatey. It’s like concentrated, melted chocolate. Not to my liking either.

The shop below is one I randomly bumped into on the way to Sacre Coeur. I tried their raspberry cookie and it was so damn nice! And so damn expensive T.T So I didn’t get any. I’ll tell you how it works here.. you buy a paper bag or fancy empty tins from them, then you fill it up with your own variety of cookies and they’ll weigh it. So the cookies are sold based on their weight and you have to buy the tins.. which is pretty expensive for me.

The tins are on top and the cookies are stacked down there. Huhu. So that’s about my dessert hunt. I mean, these are the popular ones I went to. But I still got random desserts whenever I passed by some shops.

Oh! And I wanted to try the Breton crepes in Beizh Cafe but guess what? IT WAS UNDER RENOVATION! *curse curse curse* Damn disappointed that time as I was really looking forward to it. And whoever goes to Paris must must try Berthillon sorbet. I forgot to take a pic of it. But it has this really smooth and soft texture. One word – YUMMY!

Hello Paris! September 10, 2010

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After summer programme, I ran off to Paris and Spain with Madu for holiday! ^.^ Sounds romantic, no? XD

Look at the multi-colour mini eiffel keychain! ^.^ I was so tempted to buy them but I know I’ll find cheaper ones when I go elsewhere. Souvenirs near popular attractions are all overpriced! Anyway, I got one gold and silver keychain for €1 each! I thought that was a bargain! Until we reached Eiffel tower, there lots of such keyrings and you can get 6 for €1 if you bargain! *curse curse curse* I did feel better when I compared the quality though (the cheap ones and the ones I got). Mine was definitely of better quality (:

Madu and I climbed the ever famous notre dame cathedral for the sake of gargoyles. Youths (below 25) gets discount. All you gotta do is show them your passport or student card.

Man, the climb was exhausting! The stairs were winding and steep.. and you just keep climbing in circles which never seems to end. Plus, there’s people behind you and I get pressurised actually. Worried if I was blocking the people behind me for climbing the stairs too slowly.

I did get to see the gargoyles though! Was a bit disappointed that I couldn’t sound the bell. Huhu. This gargoyle is the freaky one. I can’t tell what’s it eating.

Next, we went for the cruise tour. It was HOT on top.. But you get a better view and maybe some cooling air occasionally. I think I’m not so into this especially when there’s sun.

We had our lunch in Jardin du Luxembourg. Bought some desserts to savour there ^.^ There’re some really nice parks in Paris to go.

Our plans at night was to see the EIFFEL TOWER! We waited..

And waited..

FOR THEM TO SWITCH ON THE BLINKING LIGHTS! ^.^ It’s only for 5 minutes every hour (: The next day we took the lift up eiffel tower. The view here is nicer than notre dame.

The buildings are so organised, no? (: And there’s youth price for this too! Huhu. I’ve had enough of stairs climbing after the notre dame so I opted for the lift. Huhu.

This is the sacre coeur. Nothing much inside also. Huhu I still think Liv metropolitan cathedral looks nicer.

And lastly, the pyramid near louvre museum! Was running short on time so we only took the pic of it outside. But if you go down, you can see the rainbow colours reflected on the floor by the glass aka prism.

Farewell, LJMU~ August 31, 2010

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3 months’ REALLYYYYY short. With our packed schedule of exams, assignments, and trips, every single second is precious! Anw, my 3 months have ended ): Awww. I like it in Liverpool. People are friendly (cos I was lucky enough to not meet the bad ones, which some of my friends met), the weather is nice cos I don’t have to sweat and stink 😛 PLUS, that’d mean NO MORE JANE NORMAN! OR SHOPPING AFTER CLASS! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! THE HORRORRRRR. XD

Uni organised a farewell ball for us in Adelphi on 31st August, immediately after our exam. It’s a night to remember (: I don’t remember having so much fun. But the buffet meal’s terrible. Since the buffet hall couldn’t possibly serve all of us, we have to take turns to queue and the first batch who went in gets to take as many desserts as they like. But when it’s our turn, apparently they realised there won’t be enough desserts and limit us to one dessert per person! *@^#*&@&*$@

It’s BUFFET! So that’s what it’s called. I didn’t know buffet LIMITS people to what they take! RAWR.

Nevertheless, it was still fun. Lotsa dancing after the dinner. Even our lecturers danced along! ^.^ Oh! And I randomly submitted some pictures for the photography competition.. and I won! Lols. 2nd prize for the “My memories in UK” category XD Here’s the photo I’ve submitted XD

Guess there’s a good reason for being over obsessed with these lambananas XD Won a book on photography of the waterfront.. which is super heavy and i don’t wanna bring it backkk! 😛

I’ll be backpacking to Paris and Spain tomorrow onwards. Damn ganjeong can! Must store luggage in the morning and run off to catch my flight to Paris d. Huhu. But more updates to come.. cos my hostels in Paris and Spain has wi-fi! (:

My New ♥ August 29, 2010

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Remember my ex-sunglasses? Well, my friend told me there lotsa cheap ones in TK Maxx. Including calvin klein which was discounted from £100 plus to £15. So I checked out the shop and guess what? I SAW MIU MIU!!! OMG! And only for £39.99! It’s freaking cheappp! But the designs don’t suit me T.T It was too long. I did see one from Etienne Aigner.. Anw, I was afraid to buy wrongly again so I just snapped a pic of it.

Showed my friend’s the pic and they said that one’s not as big as the previous one! Woohoo~ So at night, I went to the shop again.. AND I COULDNT FIND IT!! T.T Btw, it’s only £11. ‘Cos there’s only one left when I checked it out in the day time.

Anw, feeling dejected, I went to the shop on the next day AGAIN.. but still couldn’t find that design I wanted and resorted to another Fossil sunglasses which was £10. Comments from friends? It’s too huge for me! *&@#%@#*#&

Went to the shop again a few days later and I saw lotsa Etienne Aigner pouch on the tray. OMG. NEW STOCK!! AND LOTSA ETIENNE AIGNER SUNGLASSES! Bwahahahha. Found the sunglasses I wanted.. but the price has been increased to £14.99. I think it’s still cheap. Teehee. And this is my new baby ^.^

Tadaaa~ Lovelovelovelovelove ^.^ Do check out TK Maxx if you’re in UK. There’s lotsa discounted branded stuffs there but you might have to dig them out. XD

Money fell from the sky! August 26, 2010

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Teehee~ I’ve been to Leo Casino twice now. And I won free moneyyyy! Teehee. Cos newcomers get free vouchers to play. It used to be blackjack (in which you’ll only get a ticket). But I went there late.. and I got vouchers for 3 rounds of roulette game! Cant use up all vouchers in a day though. So I’ll be visiting the casino three times. Huhu.

The first time, my friend played for me.. Won £8 so I gave him £1 tips. Lols. Yesterday, I won £8 again! ^.^ Happy~ But if you’re really really lucky, the max you can win (from the free chips) is £350!! AHHHHH~! But I’m not one who’s lucky with gambling. So I’m contented even with £8. Huhu.

Ohh! And if you go to the casino on Sunday night, there’s two session of free buffet at 12.30am or 1.30am.  It’s better to go at 1.30am cos no one will chase you off, which is what I did. The food’s nice! Never been to TSOS but I heard the casino’s buffet is betetr than TSOS. Might as well eat the nicer free buffet than to pay £6 plus for a not so nice one XD

I shall go hunt for a nice pair of sunglasses with the money. Huhu. I got a pair from fossil yesterday at £22 but everyone, and I mean EVERYONE (including my mom) said the glasses are too big for my face. Wawa. How I wish I have a chubby face now ): (Oh, not forgetting two comments which says I look like a lalat with it -.-“) Anw, I refunded it.. and the amount was credited back to my account immediately (paid with debit card)! Huhu so efficient!

I die die must post the pic of me wearing my ex-sunglasses! Haha. *fingers crossed* May I get a pair of suitable sunglasses later. My friend told me there’s this CK sunglasses.. discounted from £97 to £22! OMFGBBQSAUCE!

Gotta run now. Teehee. Activities for the day – Class. Complimentary buffet by module leader. Class. SHOPPING! XD

The Glutton August 21, 2010

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I have no self-control when it comes to desserts. And desserts are so really gonna make me broke. I’m hunting for Euro notes now for my Europe trip and took the effort to walk one hour and a half to Tesco’s travel money outlet.. only to find they only have high rates online. But since I’m at Tesco (it’s a big one in the outskirts), might as well have a look around. That’s when I spotted..

CARAMEL PUDDING!! I loveeeeee caramel. Cos it’s super sweeeeet. Lols. That makes me sweet XP

This is not from Tesco. Haha. But it’s a bargain from Thornton’s! It’s gonna expire in 31st Oct (still a long time more) and thus, was sold half price at £3.50 only!

Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream is super nice! Trust me!! It was originally £4 per tub.. but Tesco, Iceland and Sainsbury are all competing (let them be.. consumers will be happier that way XD) And Tesco’s selling them at £1.99 per tub!! Do enlarge the pic and read the description on what each tub contains (:

Before I came to the UK, I bought this Brownie version in Bolehland and it tastes yucky! I don’t remember finishing it.. haha In fact, I only remembered I bought it and left it in the freeze after I got to UK. Not sure if they still have this original version in Bolehland cos I can’t find it in Jusco that time.

Guess what? IT’S CARAMEL AGAIN! Haha. Ice blended caramel coffee! You see, I was walking.. and walking.. and felt hungry.. and Starbucks appeared right in front of my eyes as though God has sent me an angel XD So? SAPULAH! Haha.

Victoria sponge cake from Strabucks. VERY NAISSS!

OK. Enough of desserts. I shall show off my cooking. Haha. It tastes nice okay! Perhaps not so impressive at look. But hey, it’s my first time! Huhu. Bought a packet of fish fillet (It’s hard to find fresh fish in the city centre T.T) and thus, all fish dishes! Haha.

Curry fish fillet. The curry powder’s not so nice. I need curry paste! But was worried it couldn’t get past the custom so I didn’t bring those T.T

Steamed fish with coriander and lotsa mushrooms! (My housemate and I are mushroom lovers! XD)

Sweet and sour fish (I passed! I’m gonna cook it and make my family eat it when I’m back!) We only cook with what we have, thus onions only XD The cucumbers here are weird anyway. I don’t like them. It’s.. erm.. soft.. and it just doesn’t have the fresh cucumber smell when you cut it!

My favouritest of my favourite part has arrived…

I SWEAR this is my last piece of clothing I’m gonna shop in UK. Haha. Like I’ve mentioned before.. I’m soooo in love with Jane Norman’s clothes. They’re all pretty and has good quality. Unlike certain brands which sells their clothes damn expensive and has poor, thin quality (well, u’ll figure those brands out if you’re here) But Jane Norman’s clothes are expensive unless they have discount.. and this is what I got! Teehee.

From £40, it was discounted to £12! (: But there’s only one piece left. The girl helped me to contact other branches to see if there’s any other available but nope. And so, I’m gonna wear it to the dinner! Huhu though I did bring a dress here myself.

Black cat heels to match my dress (: I love love love the dress and the shoe! XD

Meteor Shower! August 12, 2010

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No.. I didn’t see it. But there’s supposed to be meteor shower in the east (which unfortunately is not the direction my room’s facing). Anw, I’ve decided to stay home and eat nectarines cos it’s freaking cold outside! Some went to Albert Dock and some went to Everton Hill to catch the meteor shower. Weather’s starting to change lately and it’s extremelyyyyy cold. Even with the sun, the wind’s freezing cold and strong.

There, I took the effort to post a short update XD Shall go back to my ever boring black and white notes. Exam’s on Monday. Damn. Time flies. Just one more module left after this exam ): The thought of going job hunting freaks me out!


NikeID Studio August 9, 2010

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This “shopping” post is not for myself.. but for my brother. I was trying to get a pair of shoes for my bro.. and being a fussy guy, it’s so hard to find shoes which suit his taste. And so, I opt for NikeID! I think it’s best for him to customise his own shoes with whatsoever design, colour and material he likes.

I’m not sure if NikeID studio’s available in Malaysia but when I googled, it says it’s only available in Singapore. Anw, I asked my bro to design it himself and list down every single materials and colours he chose @http://nikeid.nike.com. With the info, I went to NikeID studio and had the shoe designed.

Receipt’s sealed in the black envelope and it’s so damn cool! A card with the design printed on it is given and on its reverse side, the designer name and detail of the shoe is printed. It’s as though the shoe has a birth cert! ^.^ I have to wait 4 weeks for it though. Might take a shorter period (fingers crossed), otherwise I have to rush to the shop after my Spain trip.

Btw, this costs £110. The price varies depending on the design chosen. Ooooh! I forgot another kewl part of this shoe.. you can have your name sewed on the shoeeeee! Or whatsoever name you wish to have on it. ^.^ Love love love it! Though it’s not mine *pokes pokes*